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<3 Happy Valentines Day To The Whole Family <3

Often we hear the words “I love you” and that is good but lets try to add to it.

This valentines day let us remember what it is to be a Best Friend.

When someone is in love, they enjoy using the words I love you.

But I have a suggestion to romanticize your valentines day.

Tell your partner they are your Best Friend.

Try it, they hear from you all the time that you love them.

We grow up as children wanting friends and wanting to know they love us.

Saying I love you is good but its also gonna help to add on to that with a reason as to why you love them.

Telling your love that they are your best friend is the proof that you love them.

I am not a sister I am a brother so I will limit what I am about to say from a brothers perspective.

Us brothers deeply deeply love our sisters, and we try to show them by showering them with gifts and praise.

What could you a sister do for a brother to get him to think about what you said and to even melt the snow off his heart?

Tell him he is your best friend.

Brothers, remember to give back to her, tell her shes your best friend too.

Dont be so tired you lose it, think about it and invest in it.

I hope this suggestion pleases you and I hope you use it.

Dont worry of your other friends, it is okay to have more than one best friend.

Your marital partner is one person and no one else can be them, they are unique and as so, are the best at being them.

You are in love with them because you cherish them more than anyone yes?

After all no one else is them, they are one of a kind, not anyone else. Value that.

❤ Best Friends ❤

A Prayer

Dear Oldest Parents,

Your creations are awesomely skilled at love

You definitely were successful when teaching us

While we are best friends in situations with marriage

Let us not forget we are best friends with the whole family

A family full on numbers, teams of 2 in marriage, and 1 big team of family together

To honor our Mother and Father

Our 2 Oldest Parents

❤ Much Love, Best Friends Forever ❤

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