Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Book 8 Chapter 5 Sneak Peak

Book 8 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings Series
Chapter 5 Sneak Peak
“Sharing Becomes Real”

Our creator shared everything with the first creation. Not all at once but in a patient time, so as not to be overwhelming, but fast enough to be fun. Sharing was of course a fascination for our creator in early life because our creator started to live in the Nothing that now has Something and found resources that they claimed. Its a concept of “Can I have this?” No answer to be found of a communication style, it becomes about trying physical questioning such as reaching out and grabbing it, if it causes pain, maybe the answer is no, if there is benefit, then the answer seems to be “I am allowed too”.

Our creator after having many resources invented gift giving, the thought based on bringing two things together and then considering “What if I gave this to someone else such as me, what would happen? Would we be friends?”. Our creator desired to find older family and share with them, hoping to be accepted and loved, even guided.

When the family was of two, a creator and a creation, sharing become awe and new. Our creator now had someone to share with and experience the answer to questions of old. The creation learned over time and pleasantly enjoyed gifts and sharing. The creator had done a good job, and early on the creation was doing good too, even making gifts for the creator. This loving bond made them both happy.

Our creator as we know was interested in having family, and now did, but the creation saw the differences of the two, one very experience and wise, the other new and a student. The creation curiously pondered if having other creations would progress learning and improve the family. Our creator then had to decided a very unique decision. Was having a family of more than two a good idea. The two talked a lot about the idea.

The creation persistently suggested joy at the idea, and that melted away the creators worries, the creator knew life could be difficult at times and to progress at a safe pace, but the two of them became very excited to have a large family. The creator hoped the family would be full of life that would contribute effort to peacekeeping and love sharing. The creation saw having other creations younger than themself one of the best gifts that could be given and it allowed the first creation to become a teacher to them, something the creation adored of the creator, and was excited to ascend to themself.

Nowadays there is many of us creations. Some of us parents, all of us children, all of us alive and trying our efforts into love. Since there are such a large number of us, in recent days the creator and partner ruler, that is the first creation, have put a large investment into allowing us younger creations to raise children largely on our ways of sub teaming, that is marriages of creation and creation teamed together to raise other creations. While we have the occasional error and difficulty, each creation has of itself as a majority a history of success, and things will improve with learning turning into experience.

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