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A Spanish Fantasy On Marital Twinish Names

We have a worldwide population of 7.8 billion

We often have a large amount of times our names are reused in our family

Want to take a look at how a fantasy marriage could make it simpler

Our heavenly father is good and everyone loves him, I would like to use his marriage as an example, as him, his name, and his marriage are perfect

So our heavenly fathers name is Yodh He Waw He (God)

The bible states their definitely is a queen of heaven

But it does not list her name

In our english language the word “He” represents masculinity.
The word “She” represents femininity

So even though this is just an example, and Im not saying this is the way things actually currently are, Im instead saying its a way things could be if the family liked it enough to make it so

The example is Yodh He Waw He
First Name Yodh Family Name Waw
Both hes representing male

Now the family He could represent either a male started the family OR the person named is a male in the family

So in this example
Yodh He Waw He’s wife could then be
Either Yodh She Waw She
Representing shes a female and a female in the family
Yodh She Waw He
Representing shes a female but the person who started the family is male

This is a bit of a unique explanation I know

But I got this idea to experiment this way due to not being able to find our heavenly mothers name in the bible (Unless its eve, because it lists her as the mother of the living, confusing somewhat)

And also in an attempt to help us find a good way to organize names for marriage

Twinish names for marriages could be fun if organized properly

I dont want to lead on this, its just a curiosity, I wanted to bring up the topic for consideration by our Creator

In spanish they have masculinity and femininity
Gato is male cat
Gata is female cat

You see how the “O” and “A” change gender but they share a portion of the same name?

So having learned of these kinds of things, im very curious what our heavenly creators think of marriages having twinish names

Because with 7 billion family members, especially if still increasing in numbers
Its possible along the way this naming style or similarities may solve problems
and be fun

It could be romantic :3

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