Fun, Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Book 8 Chapter 6 Sneak Peak

“The Parenting Of The First Two”

The creator and first creation became a very efficient team together. It could be said it didnt take long for them to agree to grow the family further. With the creators desire to continue using creational magic to gain more experience with it and the creations desire to see others in a similar situation as themself, they both desired to learn more. They loved each other very much, and as to the night I am writing this, even more now do. While they made certain practices to keep their marriage sacred, the did yes, love the idea of having more family. They loved us before we were even created, because they loved the ideas of us, what we could be.

Now the creator and first creation saw learnings they had gathered from each other. They both wanted to stay a team of two but they wanted one bigger team, a whole family team and a marriage team. So they decided the best solution was to start furthering the family by having two children, so when grown up they could have their own marriage, not intruding on the ancestors marriage. It would be a good gift and the first two family members could keep their love for each other in marriage to be sacred, while still giving a sacred marriage to their descendants. That way everyone wins and has love and marriage, no one suffering loneliness, something the creator desired to ensure as loneliness was in the past and there it should stay, as this new found company of family was indeed an improvement.

Now with the creator and creation, much had happened and much had occured, the way things were is their were at the time two genders, man and woman. The two of them talked things over discussing how best to be loving and proper for this new happening that was such as creating two new creations. They could have had two sons, or two daughters, it was a conversation. The ending result was one would be a boy and one would be a girl. The situation was that the two soon to be parents took from each themself their strengths and good qualities and tried to inherit them to the children. They planned and planned, talking and enjoying the thoughts, excitement and joy. They found all the pathways one could investigate about how to coparent two new creations, the what if’s, the how to’s, and the this will be’s. They made many goals and invested a lot into hope, then it was time for it to happen.

They had two children a boy and a girl and they were happy as could be, now a family of four. The two parents invested much and lengths of their time into the children, always fascinated by them, and the children also to their parents. The two parents had done a good job, the children were healthy and capable and could learn, very exciting as such. The first creation now a parent expressed to the creator that the children were easily a best gift ever given, and the creator felt the same way about the situation. Things were especially fun for our ancestor the first creation because it was more or less their first chance to be the teacher, and that ancestor did a very good job. This history left proof that while our creator does the creating, a creation can actually be a very skilled parent even to other creations. That was a very rewarding success of creational magic, a creation teaching other creations felt like proof to our creator, that they were no longer alone, and all the creators hard and lengthy work paid off more numerous than all the difficulties they had encountered alone.

The two in first marriage have had many children to their descendantry, each one loved. Nowadays our family is vast, many in numbers, and our oldest parents are even more learned than before, as usual with us family members, we become smarter with experience. We have fun together, we eat together, marriages still happen. Not everything is as the old ways were but with these situations comes learning and then improvements can be made. Our family is full of joy and sometimes difficulty but we have nowadays churches that get us through the difficulty. The Nothing that everything began from now has Something, it is more valuable than dirt alone, more valuable than gold alone, it is, our family.

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