Fun, Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Book 8 Chapter 7 Sneak Peek

“The Great Competition”

Fast forward to recent times. Our family population is boasted to be above 7 billion. There is still two oldest parents, one creator, one creation. Luck had become perceived that the first creation is the luckiest of us, being married to the creator. However even for the youngest creation, we are definitely lucky.

The bible mentions sin, and our creator is noted to be cleaning up its mess. Complaints had arisen, very strongly so. We have the old ways and the new ways. In the old ways, things were done based upon what our two oldest parents estimated was best. Nowadays younger creations voices of change have been heard, and while it frustrated our ancestors, change was allowed to happen. It wasn’t long before these new found changes led to disaster, and our creator became the hero.

The Jews were slaves in Egypt, and they cried very heavily, our creator noticed how unfair it was. He freed the Jews from slavery and negotiated team effort with them. He gave them historical records and 10 laws, these laws and records would be the start to fixing sin and returning to the old ways. The young creations were excited yet also got tired quickly due to opposition. They would speak of the creator though, and others would then join them in worship.

To the day I am writing this in our history, the churches started by our creator with the Jews have spread across our lands and waters. It was not only the Jews who desired the help of our creator, so when they talk of their help coming, others enjoy listening, themselves hoping to also have some of the creators guidance. The churches teachings are shared and love is passed around, the goal is to make our lands and our family be ideally a paradise.

A large amount of the Jewish branches also became Christians, putting their belief in that Jesus is a good teacher, working with the creator to help others. Jesus showed a lot of love for our family and it could be said he inspired a renewed passion into tired loved ones. The more family that joins the team of fixing sins damages, the more efficiently our woes can be fixed. As family, one thing we have enjoyed more than other efforts, is marriage, and many desire to have the creators help with their marriage, that’s why the ceremonies are done in churches and with priests.

The old ways things were done have been proven by our creator to be more perfect. Some have agreed, some are still learning it, and we all believe it. We as a family send prayers to our creator quite often, we enjoy the company and hope the creator does too. What we should be capable of having learned from these years, is that even if not the first creation, we are lucky, and we are loved.

This is the last written chapter of book 8, I will fill the next pages of the book with art until it is 24 pages at least. I hope you have enjoyed the churchy feel to the book series and I am still planning to make a total of 10 short story books.

Exodus 30:14

❤ Much Love ❤

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