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Fully Family: The First Creation Completed

Got book 8 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings series completed.

It is live on Google Play and Smashwords.

Book 5 was “Remnant Coil” giving a perspective of what it was like for our oldest parent, the creator, to begin life alone in the Nothing everything began from.

Book 8 “Fully Family” is a perspective of our 2nd oldest parent, the first creations, beginning to life and the start of family.

Get the book on Google Play at below link.

Fully Family: The First Creation On Google Play

You can as an alternative get it on Smashwords but due to file size limits the Smashwords version does not have the extra art.

Fully Family: The First Creation On Smashwords

I hope you enjoy the book.

❤ Much Love ❤

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