Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Hump Day Random Acts Of Kindness For Women

Its wednesday, some call it hump day because its the middle of the weekdays and we all like to get to the weekend so we can party smarty.

Waiting for my phone appointment with my health support team so I decided to take a bit of the waiting time and do something nice for our worldwide family. A random act of kindness.

I present to you the random acts of kindness cell phone desktop wallpaper honoring Mothers for parenting and birth.

Because it aint easy being a Mother, but we believe its worth it. To progress on that here at WLTOP we are sharing some appreciation and love towards the sisters and mothers with this fancy honorable cell phone desktop wallpaper.


P.S. Dear Brothers I know this random act of kindness is aimed at women, leaving my Brothers from Mothers possibly feeling a bit left neglected, so no fret my bros I already got that thought and I am going to make a background honoring men of the family. Give me a bit to get it done, I got my phone appointment soon and I want to consider how to give you the best gift I can of what I have available.

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