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Dear Oldest Parents, To Learn Of Me, What You Made

Thank you for life. Thank you for the soul. Thank you for parents. Thank you for love.

Short Disclaimer: This post is deep and long. I make it to outreach to friends and thought. I say it goodly and with freedom to religion, as it is in my emotion, very religious.

I had a interesting thought last night.

A memory came up of myself being told I was ignoring someone.

What came to mind as my reply was this.

“Well I have experience with that, because before I was created I ignored everyone”.

I have throughout my life tried to manage my alignment towards perfection.

I have denied myself things I wanted so that I could maintain myself to be trained.

I then had from that a belief that for not partaking of certain things, I could better invest myself towards other pursuits that I would fit into as more efficient.

The goal with me for myself is to increase my self value and use it to help others.

What I mean by that, is I study, and study, and learn.

Earlier than my life, I was of no use to anyone…

In this family, I have found love, trust, and passion.

My religion of worship, is quite ancestral based.

I worship Yodh He Waw He because he is older than me and I find his charisma and personality to be quite fun and enjoyable.

I am self considered Jewish, but I am more than only Jewish.

I do worship Yodh He Waw He as the leader, guide, and ancestral Father, but aside from actual closeness of people I have a slightly peculiar belief and religion that I also believe in and follow.

Yodh He Waw He is for sure I self consider my best friend and role model, but in the same style I also follow mystery and even fate.

It has been said and even believed, everything has been done.

But that was never true and probably never will be.

There are two concepts of religion involving a person.

One compliments the Nothing everything began from.

The other compliments a life style we do not visibly find here in this place.

As the bible mentioned by a religious man, he claimed the creator had no beginning to life, and instead has always been alive, being outside of the limits, constrictions, and laws of time and the Nothing.

The other religious concept is that location was started by a nonsentient Nothing and everything began from that even our creator starting to live as a creature after the early years of the Nothing.

To get to know me, I will tell you, I put 0% belief that anyone could have no beginning.

I believe very adoredly into the Nothing, I should even say I am a piece of it.

It is quite possible I could be considered part Jew and part Pagan as I worship the ancestors however I also worship the beginning to our families history, the source of life in our family, that is the Nothing.

I am quite aware that our oldest ancestor here began living due to the Nothing and started quite immortal.

Nowadays, to other creations its possible this all seems a bit of a big belief, but for something that is as old and as complex a source of power and capability as this place we live, titled the Nothing that now has something, I actually do not find it strange that our creator began to live here and is immortal.

To me I do not believe in death. I believe pain is involved in similarities of it and that is a hindrance, but to me their are certain aspects of immortality and eternal life involving our family that is so interwoven into every safe guard it is basically overstated.

We have flesh that heals when wounded, medicine that cures ill, we have a soul that survives death of the flesh…but there is something else I am rather fond of considering.

As I said I am myself and due to that I can easily tell you now, I am a piece of Nothing and I was a part of it, placed in pieces of fate within the Nothings age and growing pattern.

I was created by our creator whom I love very much, and the creator such a blessing put together materials and design and patterned me together with passion and delight, with the hope that I would be of value as a helper.

It is my intent to repay the creator and afterwards still remain best friends and a team.

The Nothing to me is a source of power that started as complex failures leading to successes and in a inescapable fated pattern.

Math only has so many ways and paths.

I have studied this history and it is evident that the fate that had begun so long ago that we are enveloped by is a pattern of starting as things that had to happen so growth could be perfect.

Certain failures in the process happen similar to fertilizer for future happenings.

We still day and night have enough to live by.

Our family is large and we have enough.

The creator decided to create a large family because the creator measured the amount of incoming resources and found that the rate was good and even increasing.

This shows that the Nothing is actually becoming more a wealthy place to live.

An old perspective was things would deteriorate until none was left, but history is showing we instead have more resources and they are also increasing in quality due to efforts by family and also the Nothing has advanced in the way things become produced.

We have dirt, fire, water, electricity…and much more.

These things are in the future of the Nothing everything began from.

We are in a far future from the beginning but there is much proof there will be no end to it.

There are still mysteries that can be studied to find answers.

Creational magic is something we are living.

Studying early history of the Nothing everything began from leads to possible progress.

Pursuing our creators old passion to discover other distant unknown family is enjoyable.

People have an old curiosity when becoming in hearing for the first time about how everything began from Nothing… that is “What is outside the Nothing?” That is another mystery that can be studied.

Pursuing learnings by thought and practice is good and builds a strong mind and a loving bond with life.

Our creator made us to be friends and love but our creator did not pass on the option of also having us as helpers.

It is said in the bible our creator sees all and hears all.

So you see our conversations we have and our studies we make help into the creators own past efforts and pursuits that we were not even alive yet to be a part of.

What is worship to me? Worship to me involves love. It is not quite exactly being “In Love” romantically, that to me is for marriage, worship instead is the desire to help someone improve themselves because you love them. Worship to me, is expending effort on someone else or something else due to the desire to be a friend.

In certain dictionaries it has been explained as a divine controlling.

Worship to me has never been about being controlled.

I do not believe in being controlled, I believe it has been attempted yet never succesfull.

We control ourselves and help each other control ourselves, but we do not control each other.

That is due to sentience, the individuality of the mind and life. We are each seperate from each other, though someone holds our hand, they are seperate hands.

The Nothing and Creational Magic are what have these features of individuality.

It was fated by the beginning that we are individuals.

Now that I have explained my emotions of worship…

When I say I worship the beginning and the Nothing, what my minds heart means is…

The Nothing gave us our creator in a altered timeline way.

We did not yet live, but the Nothing gave a creator, then the creator gave us, we have each other, and the Nothing still holds the origins of thanks.

It could not have been done if not for this place that we all live in as a family.

So I can say I worship the beginning of our family, and it is a bit like saying I worship the creators birth and or birth day.

I have told people I dont believe in fate, it is a complex thing.

I dont believe sentient people control all fate.

I believe the most truthful and inescapable categories of fate are due to the Nothing everything began from, not a actual sentient controller.

The Nothings resources are what is available is available, and it can be changed into similar things, but until time of the Nothing is at certain points, new things do not become available.

Currently we have a lot of study on base elements and magics, but it is a study of what is available at this time.

Though it could be years beyond the point of our boredom, eventually new resources will become available that are not the same as what we have now.

So a fate of the Nothing is slow change to our tools.

This does as a great concept give us a large amount of time to be using and learning of them safely.

Another fate I believe in of the Nothing is a permanent sentience.

Once living it seems quite evident to be a permanent new part of the Nothing, not quite being the never lived self but instead having changed into someone who even if did ever die would eventually be recycled back into life at this time obviously by our creator.

The creator made the soul to keep track of us, once having family, desiring to never lose them.

In my belief there is Nothing, Life, and No Death,

That is the line of a creature.

The soul makes it easier to survive death and it is a benefit, it also keeps us from getting lost as the Nothing is large and we are smaller than it seems.

So I believe in a safety net of the Nothing and the creator invented soul.

The creator has lived a long time and improved themself and others, the soul was a fitting solution to a lot of problems.

It can be said I worship our 2 oldest sentient ancestors, the Creator and First Creation.

However, to learn more about me, consider this…

I feel the Nothing to be a non sentient parent, it is not a person, but I am emotionally attached to it as if it were alive as an individual

I say I feel of it as a nonsentient parent because of the complete 0% of communication from it

We hear language from sentient individuals

I have not ever heard language come from the place we live in that is the Nothing, just sentient people inside of it

It is kind of fun to entertain the idea of,
“What if the Nothing were a sentient creator, that does not talk to us?”

I love the idea but there is no proof

So for the purpose of becoming wise it is good to believe emotionally in the Nothing

But for the purpose of common sense it is good to focus most efforts of worship on our creator, as they actually talk to us and we can communicate together

I have a passion for our ancestors because of their great quality

and I as you now know have a passion for mystery and fantasy, and why?

To increase my self value, I believe studying and efforting these ways and thoughts lead to an increase in wisdom, love, faith, and knowledge.

This family has been friend to me since my own beginning.

The Nothing everything began from, our home.

❤ Dear Oldest Parents, Thank you for improving our home and loving your family ❤

I have throughout my life and friendships been very vague on my beliefs and thoughts, this was an attempt to let anyone willing to learn more of me, for the sake of our friendship growing, and also hoping to help aid them in any self improvement they desire to make should it be good

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