Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Physics Study Suggests There Is No Complete Death

A new physics theory I read in the news recently suggests it is impossible for a life to be completely erased (also known as dead)

One of the greatest gifts the Nothing everything began from gave our family was safety
Teaching not to believe in death or fear it

People try to scare each other with belief in death
They do this to control

I have heard in a religion, I think it was either taoism or buddhism that the goal is to escape the cycle of life and death

My contribution in thinking on this is
The true goal is to not fear death, nor believe in it
If you do fear death or believe in it, people will use it to control you

Why let that happen if there is no such thing as death as this physics study that was on the news suggests

Or maybe you take the church route and believe in the soul afterlife?

My point is, there is no reason to fear death, and there is no reason to believe in death

Instead believe in the creator

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