Fun, Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Major)

Update: Important New Page “Suggest Improvements”

At WLTOP we are growing, and a part of that is we have a strong desire, need, and want to involve everyone in this worldwide family as much as they want, because we believe everyone deserves place in a free club about worshipping ancestors, getting blessings, and using their wisdom with thanks.

A new page has been created to make sure, yes even to ensure, that you, yes you, and everyone you love, gets a vote in this club.

On the new “Suggest Improvements” page in our menu we explain that you can tell us what you think of the club, suggesting anything you want for its future. At WLTOP its you and the ancestors, so you can help control the fate of this love submission and be a part of it.

The club email address is displayed on the page, which is
and we asked that when emailing us you use the Subject “WLTOP“,
using that subject in the email will help both of us because it then automatically takes that email and places it into a special gmail folder for us so we can see your message and organize it.

Now bear with me on this, I am dedicating that to you I will put effort into this club, as much as I can spare, because I know we all need it. But as I am disabled it has benefits and disadvantages. The benefit is I basically never leave my house so I have all my time not doing much else, but it also equals my online time is very random, I rest a lot and when I do contribute into this club I have in the past been doing it completely from my smart phone in bed, but recently thanks to the covid 19 stimulus package I got a computer so I have a small desk in my room to add to possibilities, which I am liking, appreciate, and is good. Its helping me get out of bed a little more this computer chair.

I enjoy this club a lot, I really do, and I am making it my goal to invest into this club as if it is a anti depression support mechanism for our world wide family. People are stressed, sometimes its difficult to get to church, this online club can offer a lot of free help and happiness. Luckily for me it is kinda easy on the body, and the good thing about that is I have been doing this for about a year now and I have slowly gotten this far, and as I have been learning I have been able to do things a little faster.

If your curious how I have been doing with my health, I have been getting much love and support from my team here in Bullhead City that has helped me basically get past a lot of my issues. So my mental health has some really difficult days, but honestly I have the help I need and we are making progress. In short, Im feeling the love from the family.

So this club is becoming one of my lifelong goals I didnt quite until recently realize for myself. At an early age I wanted to be involved with the church but I never quite became leadership in it, just a fan.

I have been to churches, many, and I have spent a lot of time learning from family and studying religion and spirituality. Most of all my efforts, I have loved and been loved, even doing much worship while not at church, and yes while at church.

Now you know I am invested into making this club be a welcoming home of a place, and I want you to help me with it, because its our group effort to tell our Oldest Parents
“Thank you for everything, we love you”

Back to the page info

On the new page we are asking for a list of suggestions to be made to us such as comments, likes, dislikes, opinions, and more.

One thing thats possible will get some excitement going is we have mentioned we are always accepting applications to be a staff team member, cause everyones a member in this club, but if you want a position where we chat together in an organized way on how to meet our goals and then do them together, that would be available.

Such as Admin, Moderator, General Staff, and the Contributor.

So I have talked a lot and Ive got another update I spent the mornings effort on which was to start making music playlist(s) on Spotify to add to the site and I want to get back to that.

So please feel free to peek at the new page in our menu, I hope you like it

❤ Much Love, Thanks For Reading ❤

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