Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Prayer Against Nightmares

Dear Oldest Parents,

I suffer from nightmares, but it is not only me who has them

I ask you help us through these difficulties

I pray our nightmares do not become reality

They are not what we want, we despise them

It has been difficult to not let a nightmare ruin a perfectly good day and night

So please do not think ill of us on this and please see us pass the scare

We are good family members that wish to do good

These nightmares try to control us, but still we do good

This prayer is in honor of everyone who has ever had a nightmare and wish they didnt

It is easier to not let these nightmares ruin us, if we have loved ones comfort us past them

We hope for a improved future where nightmares do not happen, it would be nice

❤ Thank You, Much Love ❤

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