Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Fiction Genesis Parody

We have heard that God made Eve from Adams rib.

Doing so bonded Adam and Eve to be best friends and God eventually gave them the blessing of marriage.

God took Adams lowest right rib to use in making Eve, to symbolize they were right for each other.

Adam excitedly proclaimed bone of bones. They were happy together.

Adam and Eve had many children and are quite the story in our family.

But what ever happened to Adams lowest left rib?

God used that rib to make a scroll.

On the front side of the scroll was the 10 commandments.

On the back of the scroll were blessings to all of Gods children.

Adam lived many years with God, and many years at a distance.

When Adam was at a distance from God, God gave the family the 10 commandments.

This helped guide them on the path of good, avoiding sin.

When God and Adam were finally reunited, God gave blessings to Adam and his children.

We so often hear and feel about the bad side of things. The fall of man, the war against God…

It is good to remember we are all one family.

God does not create more family than what can succeed together.

God loves you, and his sun in the sky brings a warming hug every day, while his moon in the sky at night brings a gentle mood to previous work.

Even if we hear of ill, please let us remember, we are family…and we love each other.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Hope You Enjoyed It, Much Love ❤

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