Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Peace Yodh He Waw He Peace

Dear Yodh He Waw He

I have had a rather deep belief you are a good father, a structured father, a fun father, and I noticed you enjoy the occasional well meant chaos to keep things from a situation of dull boredom.

I have not been a victim of “Natural Disasters”, I thank you for this…

However, the Natural Disasters that have happened… tornadoes, hurricanes, fire storms, floods, Im not certain of your involvement with earthquakes but Im mentioning those too…

I and many others would appreciate it very much if you considered something…

You take pride of investments, it is visible, you are rich and from wisdom, knowledge, and a storage full of effort that you dont quit on… You have been successful for many years, and you enjoy it, we definitely want that too continue, but we ask something of you for the gentle side of you Father and our home the Nothing everything began from…

Will you please stop the “Natural Disasters”? I have faith and belief that you are a good and smart enough Father to achieve your goals through beneficial methods…

The “Natural Disasters” that have happened have been devastating too some of us, and all of us emotionally.

You see Yodh He Waw He (God) you are king of earth and heaven, you are older, stronger, and smarter.

Your magic and other wealths continue with you. It is my opinion you will and should always be a image of wealth.

But consider…. we are your children creations yes, and should your love for us be a success we would appreciate being able to have some of our own successes and wealths.

We are also living in the Nothing everything began from, having the small pieces of it and its glory that we have, that even you helped us have and improve…we do not wish to lose these earnings and works…

Many love you and this home, many try to please you… So it is with due respect I am pleading with you, our ancestor, please help teach and instruct us in non destructive ways, and if they are fun ways… all the better

You are loved Yodh He Waw He (God), I know everything you do is goodly meant, but some good ways are still superior to other good ways…

If you want a helper, I will always be for you, and I know others are too.

Even while I do not have orders from you or strict guidance, I am still doing this ancestor appreciation club in your honor, yes, your honor, from my loving passionate belief that you are a role model and leader of the highest quality

So it is with these due respects and hopes that we can enjoy a future as a family free from “Natural Disasters”.

I have previously awarded you the below certificate and I am rebringing it to attention with this prayer.

I hope you like the award Heavenly Father, I pray the Nothing that is now something helps you stay wealthy, and I pray it does the same for us younger creations of it and you.

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