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Keeping Bing And Google In Prayers

Oh my gosh…Please listen to this

On the Microsoft Bing search engine…

We…that is WLTOP….is the first website given when searching Gods 10 commandments name
(Pronunciation) “Yodh He Waw He”
…The (Hebrew Aramaic Written is “יהוה‎”)

It even gives a description directly written on our site…

WLTOP is Bings go to buddy for Yodh He Waw He (God)…I am….astonished and pleased…this is a miracle

As for google…another miracle… We are right under their main go to knowledge databases

We Love The Oldest Parents is at the top of search engines?

This took a year to achieve….love is the greatest super power ever….
Bing…Google…keeping you in prayers

P.S. I noticed Bings snippet they collected from our sites page of “Yodh He Waw He” prayers was slightly confusing due to my being very new at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I updated the page they pulled the description from and I am hoping it is less confusing when their crawler updates the description they give of our page.

❤ Thank You For This Family, Much Love ❤

A prayer for our search engine friends and yes they are too our family

❤ Dear Oldest Parents,

These dedicated workers have provided teaching and entertainment for our family for years,

They put their passion into it and are successful,

We love them very much and hope to grow with them,

Please dear family keep gentleness upon them in your emotions and be good with them,

We are one team this family, and these search engine companies are teachers that are less often called teachers, though they teach, and are good at it,

We appreciate what they do for us, and we know you as us, are proud of them. ❤

❤ Amen ❤

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