Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Minor)

2nd Round Of Minor Updates

Did more proof reading, fixed some wordings and clutters.

Cleaned up the naming of pages in the menu.

Added some emojis to the endings of a few pages, for our fun.

Turned some posts that were in the menu into actual pages, They visually look the same but posts are blog content and I think in the future old blog posts possibly will be deleted or auto deleted and having these now as pages makes them more permanent should that situation happen.

In the earlier minor updates post I mentioned extra art and how I wasn’t yet sure where to put it.

I made a “Appreciation Art” page in the menu under “What is WLTOP?”

This new section contains things that don’t necessarily have to be prayer backgrounds, they can be certificates, awards, peaceful pictures, logos, support art, holiday art, and other miscellaneous.

Added Spotify to the Social Links menu onto the same page Sound Cloud was on.

The link to Spotify, like Sound Cloud, will take you to our profile account where we have music assorted into playlists for you to enjoy.

Deleted the contact us page from social links because a improved version is on the “Suggest Improvements” page as well as at the footer (Bottom) of our site, which tells the viewer to use the subject WLTOP in the email so that way we actually get it and can find it. The previous contact us page was a form that did not allow the subject editing which basically would have ensured that should our site or email account become busy we would not find the emails contributors were sending.

I cant much think of any other updates… well did add a few spacer separators in between some words and images.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, Women Appreciation Day Is March 9th, 3 Days Away ❤

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