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Game Suggestion: Clicker Heroes 2

Maybe you have heard of Clicker Heroes? That is probably Clicker Heroes 1.

Heres a screenshot of it.

Clicker Heroes 1 was an early history idle incremental game on the market.

It was free and featured endless game play, basically one of the first games to have no actual end.

The game became popular and many of the nowadays idle and incremental rpgs and games have learned from the original Clicker Heroes

RPG’s have been the fill for many gamers on both consoles and computers…

Nowadays mobile phones offer many video games and some of the most popular offer idle, incremental, and afk style play

Clicker Heroes 2 is meant to be even more fulfilling than Clicker Heroes 1 was.

Clicker Heroes 1 was free, with a choice cash shop, Clicker Heroes 2 is taking a slightly different route offering the game for a flat price, similar to how console games are bought

The difference is, if you buy a console game, chances are you cant get updates to it, what you buy is what you get…

Clicker Heroes 2 while being available on platforms such as the Steam Game Platform currently for $20 is less expensive than console games, and us players also get the benefit of all future updates

The game is currently mostly offline and they have a scheduled update to add online features.

Clicker Heroes 1 had cute cartoony graphics, they were basic, the main fun parts of the original Clicker Heroes was the prestige systems and clans

Basically after playing so far you could cash in on valuable upgrades that you could then restart the game at beginning with the upgrades

The cost of things would go up, but so too would the power of the upgrades, and also resource gain.

Clicker Heroes 2 has similar systems as Clicker Heroes 1 but the games have different visual displays and different system mechanisms.

While both games offer endless gameplay and upgradeable bonuses, they each keep the desirable situations of prestige systems.

Clicker Heroes 2 is still in early release, that equals the developers have got the game to a playable state but they have many more updates scheduled before it is a full game, and even after that as with most games, they will offer occasional updates to fix any bugs, add features, expand content, and host events.

As I mentioned Clicker Heroes 2 is in early release and is currently available on Steam for $20.

When the game is released out of early release it is possible the price will be raised.

So you have the option, if you want the game, to get it early and possibly save some money.

Here is a link to the game on steam, and below the link are screenshots.

Check Out Clicker Heroes 2 On Steam

If your a free based player of RPG’s and cant afford Clicker Heroes 2, Clicker Heroes 1 is still free and available at the below link. Enjoy.

Click Here For The Free Clicker Heroes 1

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