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Happy National Women Appreciation Day

Its March 9th 2021 and that equals it is National Women Appreciation day.

Much Love, Honor, and Appreciation to the Women who do so much to improve our lives and each other.

Now for a prayer dedicated to their benefit.

Dear Oldest Parents,

We appreciate the women in our family because they are fun, kind, and awesome.

They help us through difficult times.

They love us even when we are sad.

They raise us as children.

Surely their good deeds are well made.

We ask that their pleasant attitudes be remembered by you on the days that you reward them.

We ask that when they need help, help comes to them.

Thank you Oldest Parents for creating this family and the women in it.

We love them very much and they are quite the glory.

Congratulations to the Women in our family, for all their good successes.

We are proud and happy today.

Thank you.

❤ I hope you enjoyed this post, Much Love ❤

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