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Major Update: 4 New Religions And Menu Mess Cleaning

Okay so Ive got exciting news.

We had Prayer background pages for 6 religious sections.

and Yodh He Waw He (Specific)

Each page had artistic prayers and religious scripture verses set as portraits that could be used as backgrounds for as an example smart phones.

I added 4 new religions.

Taoism (Also Known as Daoism)
And Sikhism

I added close to 8 prayer backgrounds for each religious page for a total of 31 artistic prayer backgrounds.

It will grow with time and patience. The good news is for a start, we got some nice stuff.

I also proofread all 10 religious prayer pages and made sure each one has the “Fair Use” proclaimer on it. I added a description of what each religion is and means to its followers. A fun little club motto teaser on each of these pages after its unique religious description says
“Regardless of what we nickname our Oldest Ancestors, one thing all Religions have in common, We Love Our Oldest Parents.”

Each religious page has its own unique descrition but that motto message is the same on each page, with the hopes to bring us closer together religiously and as a family.

I did some menu maintenance too.

All the prayer background pages were under the menu “What is WLTOP?”.

I Made a new menu section called “Prayers” and moved all of them into it.

This is good because the “What is WLTOP?” menu became too long mixed in with its other sections.

Oh and to note, each prayer page has a helpful guide on how to resize the prayer background to fit your cell phone, and if any other device, at least a link to a tool to help you do it.

I mentioned a day or two ago that WLTOP has become the #1 website found on Microsoft Bings search engine when searching for God’s Jewish name written on the 10 commandments translated into english, but the description was a bit messy and confusing so I edited it and they already updated to the new version. I am pleased with the message but the title I am going to try and find a way to make more visually simple and less distractive from the description.

Here is a screenshot of the updated search, as of tonight when I am writing this.

As you can see at the beginning it says “Yodh He Waw He Prayers” that is one of the religion prayer background pages titles and the description comes also from the page, I would like to exclude the title from the description as I think visually and worded it would be more efficient and easy on the readers.

Well as my memory goes, thats all that I updated, I dont have much planned right now to do next but Ive got a sense and emotional feeling Im going to get a few other things accomplished soon.

I will keep you updated as we go

❤ Thanks for reading. Much Love. ❤

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