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A Big Thank You To Our Government And Tax Payers

A new economy stimulus package has been released to benefit us here in the USA.

If you are from another place it is also possible you are experiencing a similar result.

Our stimulus package is based of a $1400 per adult individual compensation for the majority of us USA citizens.

A very good addition in the package is some money allocated to farmers, which we appreciate because we believe no child should go hungry.

We here at WLTOP spend our time studying and appreciation our ancestors, with branching out similar efforts such as appreciating and enjoying our siblings.

Our appreciation club is offering a big loving thank you to our government(s) and our tax payers who made possible the help that we are to begin receiving and it will surely go to good causes.

So dear brother Joseph Biden, dear voters, dear tax payers, we thank you with love and support and we wish to honor you a prayer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Our government(s) involve all people, we participate in them freely and passionately.

While family is not always the word used while in the action, we still know we are family, maybe as we get home to loved ones, maybe as we go to church, or maybe as others remind us.

Our government(s) goals are honest.

To please and keep safe the world wide family. To educate. To team. To succeed.

The sum of our efforts put together contributes to an every day smile, and sometimes even a mutual mourning supported by hope.

We pray together that we have approval and guidance. We pray that we have a gentle life style.

Having less disasters, and more enjoyment to our days and nights.

We worship our ancestors and enjoy it.

This place, that was a Nothing that now is a Something, we together call it home and improve it.

We have made much and many progresses as a family.

Please creator plenty our times and bestow gentle judgement.

We thank these efforters and look to the future with hope and desire.

Thank you Government(s), Thank you Creator, Thank you Tax Payers, Thank you All Family.

Amen and Love

For additonal information as to whats in this newest USA Economy stimulus package visit below link

Click Here For Info On The Stimulus Package

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