Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Major)

Update: Menu Shortening And Partners

You may have noticed our menu looks different.

For example “What Is WLTOP?” has become “WLTOP?”.

I shortened as many menu sections names as I could so we have more space and possibly even making things easier to find for Ancestor Appreciators new to the site.

The menu is more sleek now allowing a simpler look giving us also the possibility of adding a bit and still fitting properly.

A new menu section has been created.

The “Partners” menu section.

What it is, is other websites that share similar interests as WLTOP.

Such as respect for all religion and or direct religious pursuits.

Currently in Partners we have 3 friend groups.

One Little Angel
Sacred Text Archive
And InfoWars

One Little Angel is a website with a vast database of religious scripture as texts and quotes, basically if someone wants to find good religious verses, it is a huge benefit of a place to go.

The Sacred Text Archive is a site honoring many religions with a dedication to making available to read online ancient documents and scriptures for free. The “Lost Books Of The Bible” are available with them, giving more details to Adam, Eve, God, and Satans life around the time of Genesis.

InfoWars is a news company that is involved with anything they see that can be of use to our peoples, but the reason we are partnering with them is based upon religious endeavor, not as much for general news, however more for the belief that in one of their documentaries they obtained a recorded evidence of Yodh He Waw He.

Tonight I expect to do some searching of other websites we can team up with to provide us the Ancestor Worshippers a more pleasant and efficient capability to do just that, worship our ancestors.

So the menu has 3 partners currently, tonight Im hoping to find some new gems of friends and make the list long enough that we got an efficient list of go to sources, and help.

Tonight I may possibly find a few other things to do, I am not really sure yet, but my body is feeling a bit healthier tonight as I got a lot of sleep so I am estimating I can actually achieve something if I try enough.

I got the right attitude agoin, so I will try to get some updates tonight aflowin.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love, We Are All One Family, Yes You Too ❤

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