Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Gus Dont Die A Prayer

We have 2 cats and a dog that we spend our daily and nightly lives with at home.

We have a Bandit dog, a Missy kitty, and a Gus cat.

Gus spends a lot of his time outside because he tends to piss on things inside the house…

Over the last month or two, Gus has been in what seems about 3 fights as each time hes come home wounded and ill…

I think its honest to say we that love him here at home are worried about him right now…

Hes in bad sorts, today is the 3rd time weve noticed him coming home injured.

I love this cat, he is my friend and buddy…

Im reaching out in prayer to the oldest ancestors and powers that be to please help Gus get lots of rest and heal…honestly he is at risk of death if things get worse…

We are giving him a gentle place in the house and we are caring for him but hes loved enough that a prayer is really worth giving…

So here goes the prayer…

Dear Oldest Parents,

Dear Nothing that everything began from…

Our friend Gus is a good guy, hes loving, fun, and he has a entertaining attitude,

Please let it not be his time to pass into the afterlife,

I would very much enjoy to spend more time with him in this place,

Please remember him as his cute ball of fluff baby self,

He needs to rest and not stir, please help him to heal and not be unrestful,

I dont want him to quit on himself, Please cheer him in his mind,

Dear Oldest Parents, I love this cat and he is my brother…

I wish him to live very much ancestors…

Thank you for listening and now I will try to wait patiently over the next few days for his recovery

❤ A Prayer In Honor Of My Cat Bro, Much Love ❤

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