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Minor Update Partners And Worship

I mentioned I was going to try to stay up last night and add to the partner menu section. I started feeling under health and I honestly don’t even remember when I finally got some added, my memory’s like a tea bag, full of energy but getting drained down a blur.

3 new partners in our menu have been added.

Religion Facts
World Religion News
And Family Search

Religion Facts is a website having information on any available religions. Providing basic knowledge of them, helpful description, and detail.

World Religion News is a website and blog dedicated to keeping us up to date with important events and information’s involving our worlds religions. They focus on 14 of the worlds most popular religions and provide stories as well as entertainment.

Family Search I am a bit excited to tell you about. Maybe you have heard of the ancestry and family tree websites that offer a subscription plan and they will help you find distant and unknown family. Well Family Search is like that except free. Create an account and then you can search for people by name or info or you can go the route of adding known family onto your tree and searching from then.

I added a “Dead Sea Scroll’s” page in the menu under worship. The Dead Sea Scrolls are parchments found around the Israel area that were written in Hebrew and appear to have stories involving the Bible and Tanakh written on them. The scrolls have had attempts at translating them into English, we even found a fully translated to English source, though it is not official. On the page you can find links to that source, and also to other sources having info and even pictures of the scrolls. As no official english version has yet been released the page is under construction and probably will be for a few years.

Not much ideas of what I can do tonight to directly effect our site with updates, I may possibly add a Janism Prayer Backgrounds page tonight if I can get some art done, and if not then soon, but currently I am trying to organize energy and effort to grow our fanbase a bit probably on Youtube, Pinterest, And Deviant Art as the member counts their are low, I may invest a little time into twitter but we have over 100 members their so its less in immediate need. On Youtube we have 5 members, yay us but still we could grow it.

❤ Thank you for reading, Much Love, Keeping Gus Cat In Our Prayers As He Heals ❤

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