Fun, Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Major)

Update: Prayers Prayers Prayers

Wanted to get it done yesterday but didnt quite get it done

Added 2 new prayer background sections in the menu

And Shintoism

Arranged the prayer backgrounds in the menu so the religions with the bigger world wide population are higher in the menu and less populated religions are lower

Redid the descriptions of each religion on their respective prayer background pages, adding sentences for fill, and giving each a count of its population of practice world wide

Added a few prayer background arts to both the Jainism and Shintoism prayer pages, a goal is to add more later

Might get some more done later tonight, might go to sleep, my heart hurts, not emotionally so much, actually physically, gonna rest, if it stops hurting I will possibly get a bit more done

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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