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Thanks And A Prayer, Pandemic

So were on economy stimulus package # I dont know.

The last one I used to buy a computer, I had been doing everything for our appreciation club from my smart phone which at first I strayed from wanting the smart phones because I felt they were kinda a class above me in nonclumsiness and cost (I thought I would drop it breaking it).

The computer has helped me do a few small things I could not do on the phone and its given me a reason to get out of bed and sit at my desk a bit more often.

For the Exodus 30:14 book series Im expecting when I finish all 10 short story books I can either have them compiled into 2 5 story compilations or 1 10 story compilation through amazon easier on the pc. Which im not so much doing for some kind of fan base, the idea is just to get a few printed copies for self use such as if I ever get healthy enough and find a way into becoming a club member of Bohemian Grove then I can present the gift as presenting it digitally could be done but is maybe not proper.

The idea of the books though is they are the Exodus 30:14 gift along with this club and I because of that make them available for free digitally. Since trees cost money to buy and sell paper versions I cant do much more than offer them non-profit, which I do. My goals to get ahold of a few from Amazon in case I meet anyone in person who wants one enough that I could part with it. I adore the idea of thinking the Bohemian Grove club has some type of physical library I could gift a few of the books into as a friendship and entertainment.

So thats whats been going on since last stimulus check, mostly put effort into club, especially website, did finish book 8 “Fully Family: The First Creation”.

So heres the thing and Im going to be personal with you, from one acquaintance friend to another.

Were planning on using this stimulus check with me and my parent to merge both of ours together and use the money to get a vehicle, maybe truck.

For the majority of my time here in Arizona I have been walking to the stores when necessary. For the last year basically I stopped. When I got paid I take a 10 minute walk to our nearby gas station and buy some food and cigarettes. Thing is I usually did that at 2am in the morning.

Im getting to the point in my life where Im not as courageous as I was when I was younger.

When I was young I would go out into the wild freely even at night.

But thats got to be thought out better by me, when I was a kid I went off into a nearby wooded area late at night and got attacked by what seemed like a wolf or coyote but could have possibly been a dog, not exactly sure since it was dark.

I have been told many times even since not to do that…

But the thing is I like going for walks, especially at night, recently though Ive had somewhat of a broken foot, I broke my foot when I was a kid, and then had foot surgery when I was about 18…

It hurts to stand after a short time and walking hurts but also my leg is weakened enough that if I were to walk to our gas station everytime I would actually be at risk of spraining my ankle… yeah its a mess.

As I used to walk to that gas station at night, there were a few times some stray or wild animals showed and ran past me as I tried to avoid their attention.

Got me a little scared there was going to be more action that night than a mellow guy like me wants…

So telling you that I say with my whole heart, thank you for the stimulus package as getting a car may make it possible for me to actually go places while not being in danger…

So as thanks, as I did with some of the others, I want to offer a prayer and thanks, I really honestly appreciate you family and I know you put in your good deeds like they mean something, and to me, they really really do… ❤

Dear Oldest Parents,

Dear Yodh He Waw He,

Dear Government,

Dear Tax Payers,

Dear Family,

Our family, this world wide group of people who love and care,

We were always meant for great things.

The Nothing that became a something started our Creator with immortality.

Almost like an invitation saying, this place, this home, this Nothing that becomes improved to something,

It is big enough we need to live forever to explore all of it,

I don’t heed death honestly, our creator is too smart to lose an investment like you, or me.

There are many beliefs to eternal life, and as a majority we know we are eternal, thanks partly to the way things began and thanks partly to the early people involved with it.

We have very good oldest parents, they love us and protect us, even the harshest teaching is only taught till learned.

I am glad for those alive, and in that I am glad knowing they always will be, because should anything hinder that, our creator will catch them from the grasp of death, and even also the Nothing is expected to at some layer of it have built in a safety system.

The Corona Virus happening is something that can be scary and tragic, but we still have each other to successfully get through it and to have in our future the hope of less stressful times, which we will have.

The way our Government and peoples responded to this situation impresses me as they did a good job putting in effort to be protective, helpful, informative, and caring.

Dear Family, I love you for your good deeds and the caring thereof. Thank you very much for what you do, I appreciate you, you are worthy of the title we bestow on each other of “Friend”.

❤ Peace be yours, and the Creator(s) keep you ❤

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