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Listening To Radio, Kevin Rudolph And The Creator

I am listening to the radio and I wrote this.

Dear Creator,
Listening to Kevin Rudolf “I made it”.
The lyrics make me think of you.
You made it.
You did it.
Did you use to dream about this successful future of yours?
I am pleased to be a part of the future you built.
Thank you for creating me.
You chose love and let it bring us to a level as family.
Thank you.

Some updates planned for tonight.

Pinterest efforts.

Adding pins, boards, sections, and organizing them.

Will try to make a post here when I have made significant progress.

As for now I did reorganize the prayer art section of pinterest and I added enough healthy eating recipes that we have available to us over 300 recipes, basically all vegan and vegetarion.

Click Here To Go To The WLTOP Pinterest

Thanks Lokesh for commenting it helped me notice the link wasn’t posted here, it can also be found under the Social menu.

ā¤ Enjoy, Much Love ā¤

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