We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Major)

Major Updates To Menu And Its Pages

Cleaned up the menu and its pages.

Proof read pages and there titles.

Renamed titles for more visual appeal.

Edited probably about a third of the menus pages.

Changed wording, shortened things when possible, on the shorter pages occasionally added and or changed content.

Moved some menu items to different main menus.

Deleted about 2 or 3 pages which had info that can be compiled into other pages.

Did a little editing to the “Who Is Yodh He Waw He?” page to try and get it into #1 on search engines when searching for “Yodh He Waw He” also organized its sentences and wording in hopes if they do use it the proper fitting descriptions will show.

Added 2 new pages.

“The Forgotten Books Of Eden”

and “The Lost Books Of The Bible”

These 2 new pages offer a redirection for users to read these very valuable historical document compilations.

“Enmity Between Law And Religion” page became “Religion With Law” which I mention as I did a large overhaul to it and it is a important page.

It was messy and confusing so I shortened it, reorganized it, and rewrote some of it.

Changed the 10 Commandments page to be less confusing and more organized.

Redid the soul survives death page, it was too long to keep users attention welcomingly, it is shorter, more to the point, and easier.

Cleaned the Bohemian Grove Offerings book list up.

Removed the paperback links on the non compilation pages.

Kept the compilation link so people still have access to get the paperback but now it is less pushy, which is good because Id prefer them to have the books free and if paperback is needed, honestly, I would like to proofread the compilation, edit it, and republish an improved copy. But its still good enough that I will keep the current edition till a new one, anyways some people thrive on the first editions even if they are a mess so its okay I guess.

Maybe in a past viewing of our site you saw the “Blue Tree” logo for the screenfly tool? The one I had was a mess, it was small and it got stretched so it looked pixelated.

I found a new improved one on their facebook so I uploaded it in place of the old one.

Thats the basics of the improvements I got done tonight. I may possibly do more after I rest and video game.

P.S. Earlier I added a new desktop background to the “Appreciation Art” page in the menu under “WLTOP?”

In case you havent seen it yet, I will post it below.

❤ Thanks for reading, much love ❤

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