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Faith That The Creator Has Deep Plans

We read the old testament (Bible and Tanakh) and we hear about how Eve was created after Adam.

Even how a part of Adam was used in creating Eve.

However a dull attitude here can lead us into short sightedness.

We read Eve was made after Adam and it seems to have the wording that she was made due to Adams desire to not be alone.

But faith, common sense, and knowing enough about our Creator tells us more.

It tells us our Creators plans are never short or shallow thought.

When our Creator planned to make Adam, our Creator thought out many questions, answers, and solutions.

Having faith in our Creator involves belief.

Believing Adam was made for Eve as much as Eve for Adam is a loving and honest comprehension.

Our Creator is titled as a God.

A God Marries a Goddess.

We read in the Bible and Tanakh their is a queen to heaven.

Our Creator made the queen of heaven for himself, that is assumed, based upon titles such as God and Goddess, and their old religious stories.

So our Creator if a Man created a woman to be his wife.

Their children being Adam and Eve.

Then our Creator, even both Oldest Parents, created Eve and Adam for each other, not only one for the other.

So we as brothers will be good to remember…

If we have a woman, we are as much for her as she is for us.

That is a faith.

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