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New Cell Phone Desktop Background Of Oldest Parents Ancestry

Earlier I added a new printable certificate stating we are children of the oldest parents as their creations. It also doubles as a computer desktop background.

But I did not forget about our loveable smart phone users.

I made a similar certificate but this one is for use as a cell phone desktop background.

I will post it below.

On the list of things to do –
-Continue Updating and Improving Site
-Grow Social Media So We Spread More Love Together
-Add Book 8 Of The Bohemian Grove Offerings Series To Good Reads
-Write Book 9
-More Art
-More Prayers
-More Blog Posts

Its going to take a few days to make progress on this list full.

Writing book 9 will probably take the longest, maybe even 2 weeks after I start.

Going to try to do Good Reads Tonight.

Going to try to do a bit more of the list tonight.

(Update:) Book 7 was also not on Good Reads, trying to add book 7 and book 8 now

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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