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Book 9 “Luck Of Existence: Safely Pleased” Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

I started book 9 of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” short story series tonight.

The series is a religious offering submitted in agreements with Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh.

It is going to be a continuation of book 1 “Existence Hollowed: Our Origins” which was about outer space and its resources including how our creator obtained materials such as dirt water and fire.

The book series is based on theory and is meant to be a fan waving for our Creator.

Book 9 starts off talking about the “Nothing” and that it became something that led to materials, resources, and us, as well as giving the emotional and philosophical suggestion that the “Nothing” is quite definitely the closest thing to a definition of “Fate” that anyone can find.

Below is a sneak peek of the new book. You will find below, chapter 1 “Expect The Unknown”.

Expect The Unknown

Author: David Robert Quigley

Series: Bohemian Grove Offerings

Book Number: 9

For our oldest ancestor here in this heaven and earth, whom we call God as a title referring to “Good”, this place has been learned of over years and efforts. This way of living has been passed down as inherited by us creations. We act, we study, we put effort in and we learn. Something that can be then said of this place and our family is that there are many unknowns that become known.

We use our bodies to learn and we value them. Teamwork is something we have come to know and appreciate as a benefit. Our creator built this place using materials found in our space which has been explained as a “Nothing” that everything began from, that became a something. Our learnings have led us to many different proofs that everything did actually begin from “Nothing” and our oldest ancestor began to live afterwards, coming to life due to materials of the “Nothing” that had become something, mixing together in a successful composition for our creators life to begin.

Our creator then lived alone for many years studying, learning, and improving, until finding the history of how their own life began and using that finding to invent “Creational Magic” which 0ur creator used to create us, the “Creations”.

We examine outer space and consider it to be large, we notice this by size, we have as a common feeling that space, such as to be able to be inside of it, started early on with the “Nothing”. Location and space are closely connected together, while having a few small differences.

It can be theorized that the “Nothing” started at a location and has kept a source of its originality at that still same location. A quick pictured thought of the Nothings start is that it is an object inside of something else. Our way of life and what is available and even the limits of our bodies and minds causes us to think this way. People of this study topic have tried to reach higher definition than that limit and imagine what the Nothing could be if it is not an object inside of another object.

This very same limiting thought that we get stuck in leads to evidence that location may actually be an earlier origin than space. Space is the ability to contain something whereas location is possible to be the start of a happening and its chain reaction. For example, there was not anything, but there must be something, so there is something, and it is caused by there being Nothing.

What that means is that the lack of there being something causes there to be something, such as a self contained process of fail proof. Basically if you have heard of fate, it is the “Nothing” which symbolizes fate most and you will do well if you consider the two to be partnered.

The “Nothing” is the closest definition of original fate as you will find, and do not be worried as, well, fate is less dangerous than it sometimes feels. That is because for the Nothing to become something, its chain reaction of effects and happenings were many failures that led to success and the failures were overridden and the success was kept. It may seem strange but the easiest way to comprehend it, is that the “Nothing” could not support itself this far into the future if it had not become stable and safe, its many chain reacted failures leading to successes that become fitted into scientific and mathematical place have caused us to live quite safely.

You possibly have the perspective that you don’t remember the “Nothing” being dangerous or it self having any failure, it can be measured by time. If we use the number 100 as an example and count it as years, we can put into focus an example. The Nothing was in its early form for 10 years, it was dangerous the next 20, the next 20 it was becoming safe, for 49 more years it has been safe, and we are alive at the next 1 year, the end of that 100 year measurement, though we continue and do not end at it, its just a portion example that we are alive in a time much later than when the “Nothing” was early and dangerous and could not support life. After all, our creator has lived in this place a long time, and has done well, that in itself is enough proof that we are safe and can be happy in this home that is basically the “Nothing that now is a something”.

❤ I hope you enjoy the book series and I wish you a good night, much love ❤

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