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Considering Why I Want To Join The Brothers Of Bohemian Grove

Ive been thinking a lot about my original intention.

Someone once saved my life and I wanted to join the Bohemian Grove club in an effort to show my thanks.

But imagining what it would be like to join such a noble and high status place I have come to consider there are a few other things that motivate me into believing joining would be good for me.

To start I could say again I believe we are all one family, and as dating goes for me, considering that I so have in the past pursued dating female, it comes to my mind that has slightly put me in a situation where I spend a large amount of my time and life with a sister…and well that made me conclude that I have a lot of room for improvement in the category of bonding with my brothers and improving our friendship.

I also noticed the people there practice religion and seem to strongly have belief, I like that, it is inspiring.

Faith is something I mix into things, I have faith usually that everyone is good, but good people on error do bad things. My faith is nudging me that the people of this organized place of improvement and worship are a loving people.

Alex’s documentary did not much favor their deeds and that is slightly a disappointment, because the documentary focused on how awesomely impressive the mysterious hero “Care” is but in doing so painted a bad imagination of my brothers, and I dont put much investment into believing they are actually bad. Instead I feel the secrecy of it all is that they do good deeds and boast about less than half of it. I do emotionally sense they are a successful yet humble people, and that is the kinda attitude I can thrive with.

So bonding with my brothers in a classy religious structure sounds motivating, it sounds like I can learn and study and practice, I like that opportunity.

Another thing is when honestly considering it I believe even though its classy I would have a lot of fun and make some interesting friends.

Now the hope I have isnt so heavy into hoping I can get in, because it seems rationally doable to get in and even open to the opportunity of becoming a priest or priest helper, to me it just seems if someone else can do it, if I put in enough effort, I could achieve it too, my main focus of hope is actually that this place I am talking about and its members are a group of people who we will mutually appreciate each other and our passions.

I heavily am invested into the studying of the “Nothing” everything began from, space, and creational magic. So my hope is that the people I would be making friends with are also passionate in study of religion.

Alex made it sound like the members worship a rock and say its better than every other worship, but that lacks common sense. What I have noticed is the peoples actions and talks are very smart and those people honestly seem passionate towards self improvement and improvement of friends.

While I expect the hero “Care” is actually a participant in the growth of the club, I will try to avoid saying more because I am not sure exactly what is proper.

However, after studying myself and the desire to join I have now found,

I want to give appreciation and love
I want to improve my studying and learning
I want to bond with my brothers
and also I want to befriend people who are passionate about religion and family history (Everyone is one family)

Those things considered and thought of, I weighed them and decided I can estimate that this particular club would be a place where I (And We) can achieve those goals.

Since young (And still kinda am) I have had a passion for churches and scriptures and prayers.

I for such a long length of time that I have no count have entertained the idea to be a priest, with the simple comprehension of why is to help be supportive emotionally and bodily, as well as to improve myself this way by hobby of study and also in benefit to use the studies learnings to teach others, helping them have a smart mind and a efficient set of capability.

As I became 18 I had not the courage to try to become a priest, I wasnt married and I had no children and I was pursuing some of those basic commons. I thought at that point if I was to become involved as a priest I would be with a woman I would attend church with and then after building experience and courage invest effort into volunteering at the church and growing my experience with the then goal to be become permanent instead of volunteer.

Work, marriage, and pain slowed that pursuit down, I was spending so much time trying to achieve the basics of our american life and then have the church pursuit be the next step, I never even quite achieved the first step.

Currently I am still recovering and do not work however as you may have noticed in this post, ideally I would love to be healthy and contribute to our world and family, it is just that I am kinda broken at the moment, yet I am trying to do what is required to be healthy and return to my desires even the new one which is to become a religious worker at Bohemian Grove.

But would they have me and want me? Well…maybe? Thats the hope šŸ™‚

If they were willing to accept me as a apprentice in the group, the kind where the religious group members could teach me and guide me towards becoming to their standard, well then it seems all accounted for that would be a job I could help people in.

So why be a priest specifically there?

The club was referred to me by the person whom saved my life as a place of importance.

They have religion there and priests, so its a good choice then as any church can be good and if my friend refers it to me as a place of their own liking, well then I can trust it is a high quality choice from the list of possible churches.

Just in case anyones listening to this who has weight on the decision of whether or not to include me…

Please let me say, I am smart, I am religiously and studiously passionate, I like family history, and I want to improve my relationship with our brothers

Well I was earlier of today thinking about what I would tell someone as to why I chose to want to join the Bohemian Grove club and why I think it would be a good idea and these talkings have been my considered reasons as to why.

ā¤ I hope you enjoyed the post, Much Love ā¤

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