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Book 9 Luck Of Existence Chapter 2 Sneak Peek

Tonight I finished chapter 2 of book 9.

Book 9 is called “Luck Of Existence: Safely Pleased” it is about outer space and the materials we have thanks to both our creator and also the “Nothing” everything began from.

This book series is intended to be 10 short story books long, each about 8 written pages, and near 20 art.

I am submitting this book series for free in agreement with the Bible and Tanakh’s Exodus 30:14.

Exodus 30:14
All who cross over, those twenty years old or more, are to give an offering to the LORD (God) (יהוה).

This book series is theory based on complex yet important topics and may seem complicated but once again it is intended to be a gift for the creator of heaven and earth so as such it is not a simple writing or study.

“Hard And Soft Space”

Looking at opposites and endings of limits can tell us a lot. Something solid is the opposite of something empty. We consider that empty has a container, but empty is not necessarily defined by container. In theory we will say “Space” is actually the stretched out “Nothing”, their is empty space which is hollow and filled space with materials. Location can have in its space something solid or something empty, a container is usually found nearby the space or as a part of it. While location can hold things such as belonging to that location by moment, space and location are still a bit different. Location is the where and space is the what.

If we say located in the USA at mile 1 is a solid, then we know the space contains a solid and its location holds the space. Space is the submissive and location is the superior here in this theory. For example location can be permanently defined by how far it is and in what direction it is from the center of the “Nothing”. Whereas space is what is temporarily inside a location and the space can be interacted with, which causes the spaces belongings to be a temporary thing.

We know the “Nothing” had to have started in a way where it grew outwards, stretching as something, and that is how we can say it is measurable from its center and location can be permanently defined.

Why is that important? Think as God or your religions creator would be involved with this definement. If our creator can measure locations of “Outer Space” by how far something is from the center of the “Nothing” and by what direction also it is, then our creator can achieve a much greater success at certain things a creator would do. To note it is also in theory that the Nothings middle can be found still at its beginning location, as when things grow they produce outward and also when things stretch they stretch outward.

A simple example of how our creator can use this information of how to track location as a benefit, is being able to organize the home of Outer Space our creator has built, a more complex example would be that using the definition of locations we are talking about it opens up possibility to refine a skill set of magic and or science, that without the measurability could be difficult or impossible.

Think of it as this example, what if being closer to the Nothings starting area provides a resource or magic, and how far away it is from that location changes it. So to our creator, being able to measure location in outer space, if and or when it gets done, is a very valuable obtainment. Another possibility is certain valuable findings such as preproduced by the Nothing materials may possibly be found closer to the Nothings origins. Their are many known possible benefits and the unknown ones are sure to also be valuable when our creator puts their smarts into the situation, as their history of success has proven.

Location is where, and space being the what, that ranges from as solid as having no entry and as empty as having only “Nothing” in it. The inbetweens we have some experience with, dirt, glass, fire, water, electricity, air (Gasses, which can be thought of as liquid bubbles caught together by connection), and metals. We have metals that seem hard and solid but really there are more solid, and more hard things, but they are not exactly easy on our bodies and also not easy to obtain. While we have experienced many resources, the effects that certain possible ones have upon our bodies causes us to both not collect them and to also basically try to avoid them.

So if we consider what we know of resources and the “Nothing”, we can then say that the “Nothing” is partially similar to what it produces, it is hard, it is soft, it is hot, it is cold. There will be many things that we do not have that can be found far away in outer space that can further show us what the “Nothing” is made of. While it shows us what it is nowadays and through recent histories, if we could backwards study it into the early history of the “Nothing” we could learn more. As for now we know the Nothing, at least in its aging can be explained as capable of being both hard and soft.

An experiment comes to mind. You get corn starch, water, and food coloring. You add just enough water to mix the corn starch with a finger, but not enough to turn it into water. You can add food coloring for fun. Once mixed if you lay a finger on the mixture it passes through, but if you press on the mixture it becomes hard. This is a basic experiment and while it is not expected to fully explain the “Nothing” it is possible that it gives the Nothing a bit of examinability.

If it can produce hard and soft things, something that magical, that scientific, and something so miraculous it could even lead to the life of our family, well then it must be very complex and be based upon a replacing into it the things found in it, kinda like finding everything and adding it together to say “It must be close to all these things put together in some order”.

The “Nothing” gave us empty nothing space, and it gave us harder more solid things that our creator had and even used to make us, and we find those and other things around us as well. If it has these things inside of it and produced the originating materials of these resources, we can learn more about the great beginning, with the proper studies. When we consider how small we are or the dangers presented in the possibilities where unknown happens, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of learning more than we already know of the “Nothing” and our beginning to this home, now referred to as “Outer space”.

Yet a fact that has stood long in this place, is that you do not have to learn more than you have the potential too, but if you want too, you will find a way. That passion and motivation kept our creator trying and efforting, making success after success. As the descendants of the creator, we can remember, our creator enjoys family and love and knowledge. The creator caused us to live due to not wanting to be alone. The truth is, our creator can solve the mysteries that become available by self efforts, if we decide to join in, enjoying it would be the desired way. So while studying the origins of the “Nothing” is at times overwhelming, you can ask yourself “Just how much fun do I want to have?”.

❤ I hope you enjoyed the read and any of the book series you have read, Much Love ❤

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