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Was Lilith A Succubus Or Angel?

With the bible as the start to faith

It is good to hold onto the value of religious documents

But the stories of Adam and Lilith get less attention than Adam and Eve

And why?

Because Liliths story is less provable and less evident

Stories of vampires and succubus’s get lost in myth and fairy tales

But the bibles old verse translated one way, was beware of soul traders

If we do believe in angels

That we then believe in the forces of good

But saying their is no such thing as the other religious creatures

Is us grabbing our blanket and hiding our head

That old story of Adam and Lilith combined with the story of Adam and Eve revolved around a basis of God trying to find marriage for Adam.

It stated Lilith became a succubus and even the beginning of succubuses.

But then the story of Eve stated Eve became the mother of everyone.

Is it instead possible there is a trick to these stories revolving around Adam.

If Lilith was told of as the mother of all succubuses and Eve the mother of all the living, is it not just possible that maybe these things were not quite honest?

For how can Lilith be older than Eve yet Lilith be the mother of all succubus’s with Eve being the mother of everyone, even Lilith.

Too many gaps in the story with a quieted focus on secrecy.

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