Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Love, Fear, and Unknown

The most important of the 10 commandments is thou shalt not kill

I have considered them and find even in Genesis our Creator warned of it

It may seem obvious and that anyone should know that…

Keep as a consideration though…

A weak person fears a strong persons displeasure…

If the goal of love is to lack fear and share happiness

Relationships must be given good efforts invested into them that can cause fear to lack value, and instead trusting love to have greater value

The unknown causes fear to be sensitively abrasive

Even a very loving and gentle person could be feared simply due to unknown by the other person

Love surely is possible and is worth the effort

If 2 people want to share a loving family bond…

They will have more effective success by avoiding scaring each other

Love grows from good

Fear harms the trusting of love

It is afraid people whom have difficulty loving

They are too busy trying to escape and defend

The truth is, fear doesnt cause us to seek revenge

It causes us to flee. and in that fleeing, the goal is to avoid the harm believed in of the fear

That equals a desire to escape and avoid, not return to the fear

To seek revenge would require the returning, which is not the desire of afraid people

These are the reasons of why fear, hate, and violence, are against our goal of family love

Love is worth the efforts, but in early relationship, it is possible to be difficult, yet still achievable

Love is naturally desired, as it benefits both participaters

Any known family and unknown family at deep self are good and seek love

Powerful people become that way through making good investments

We know love is a good investment because of its mutual benefits

In that we then can expect unknown life to love, especially if it is measured as powerful

If love is our family’s goal, let us not scare each other…

A portion of what we are taught leads us to the answers we have

But also a portion of what we ourselves want is involved with it

I am happy to agree with our creator on the commandments as all of them seem smart, and gentle

Obeying them is my goal, and I do not measure it by failure but instead by every success is a improvement upon myself

A improvement and success that I want to stay upon myself

Investment is fun

Improvement is fun

The two together are exciting…

If I can train myself to perfectly obey the commandments of the creator

I will be self pleased, and as a added benefit, the creator expectedly will be pleased, two exciting successes

The 10 commandments, as I see them, are truly the Morales of friendship

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