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Luck Of Existence Book 9 Chapter 3 Sneak Peek

Tonight I wrote chapter 3 of book 9 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings series which I am gifting to our creator and anyone who wants them as per Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh.

Exodus 30:14
All who cross over, those twenty years old or more, are to give an offering to the LORD (God)(יהוה).

This book examines outer space, the Nothing, the materials it has produced, our creators involvement, and the possibility of outsides and unknowns.

Chapter 3 is a focus on our Creator starting life in the Nothing alone and if not creating that Nothing then the possibility that a higher age family member did, and facilitated the allowance for our Creator to start life here in a very freedom based way.

The topic of anyone ever being higher age than our Creator is a sensitive topic and I present it humbly and with love and I remember to you that while we are supposed to respect and honor our Creator, a passion that our Creator has is to find family that were otherwise not exactly yet had, as our Creator did create us, and that is partially due to desire to not be alone, as well as fueled by the belief that other family was a possibility, in many different ways and mysteries.

So I do, with love, honor, respect and kindness, present to you chapter 3 of book 9.

“We Have Lived This Long, Long Lives Life”

Our Creator is immortal. Our Creator, and with help from the “Nothing”, made sure of that. We often have curiousity of what unknown family would be to us, if we could find it. We have titles like aliens and foreigners. We try to tell ourselves if their is something beneficial we will befriend it. A resource we cherish and improve, a family member even more goodly so. We find ourselves starting life in this “Nothing” with not much instruction upon the place, other than findings.

Often the thought of unknown family being found is that they are on the outside of where we are and if we traveled to them we could befriend them. But what if their is those unknown family members outside of here, and a reason why we have not found them, is that they already consider us their friend. The situation in that would be, we are here, and if there is an out, we are sure to safely find it and make our way there. Maybe they consider the meeting to be inevitable.

So if their are unknown family, to them, if wiser, would see us as a no rush situation. Surely we can be close friends in the future, as for now, if they exist, they are not harming us, and that makes them friends, yes? So if unknown family is alive, we know our basis is two things, if their really are any, we cant find them currently, but their not hurting us. The idea then comes up, well since no unknowns are hurting us is it just because they cant find us either?

The thing is this place has allowed our creator to be an immortal, and powerfully so, as well as to be very smart. The idea always was unknown family would be older. If their place is anything like ours, and they are older, then we know they are also smarter. No offense meant, I say it lovingly, we are talking the math of the way we grow. It is true we are smart, but older unknowns can be expected to be smarter. Especially if the idea is one of them created our place as a start of life, even our own Creator, and that Creator having someone who fashioned the “Nothing” earlier.

So lets renote our ideas, if their are unknown family somewhere out there, they would seem to be friendly enough. No rush has been placed upon us to be close to them, after all, if someone created the “Nothing” then the goal is for this place to be worthy of use. Not lived in for seconds on the minute, then to be discarded. This place has immortality for our creator, it has allowed created family, and love. Here we have fun and wise learnings. This “Nothing” that became a something, has value in a long length of time, not in a short dash and rush out of it.

We then can consider, unknown older family would want us to get our use of this situation of distance. While still improving this “Nothing” that is now a something, we have come a long way, yes, but we still have new things happening, and improvements being made. Trying to rush out to find a friend is a bit of a discard of what we have here. I think instead, the goal would be to improve as we go and make the journey slowly. As if we are to truly appreciate any unknown family, we want to be as prepared as possible, and that equals making full use of what we have, and keeping in our glory, the desire to find and benefit of more.

It is not for the search to be forgotten, it is instead for the found to be fully appreciated, with as little waste as possible. It is the curiousity driving us, we want to know more, finding the unknown is the desire of that curiousity, finding them, we say, could fullfill that desire. However, if this place still has any unknown or mystery, it seems they would want us to satisfy this place and each other, before trying to satisfy something further away. We started here and if this place has any unknown, we can solve it, then if we later find unknown friends, well, that is a straight line through a goal list. Basically the idea being, to do all the good here that we can, neglecting no value.

I myself can agree I am still learning and enjoying myself here, and a lot of that thanks goes to our family, as well as the fun materials of enjoyment we share. I do believe their is unknown to us, other life, somewhere. I do also believe it is friendly and smarter than I am. Common sense tells me, the truth is probably that they know as a certainty that our family will be together in closeness, inevitably. Any unknown family is probably less waiting, and instead spending their own time living life, as also we are here.

Loving, enjoying, improving, benefiting, learning, teaching, and anything good. So if you desire to find unknown family, you have a noble pursuit. Hold onto the passion to solve mystery, but just remember, living eternally equals that each finish line in the goal list does not have to be completed immediately, to be happily completed. The sum of my thoughts on this emotional pursuit, is that I love this family, so I expect any unknown family of a higher age than my own creator, also, do love this family. No bad has been sent, yet our Creator did obtain us from this “Nothing”, and I very much love and appreciate our Creator, as I also know others do too.

Normally at the end of posts and pages I tell you thank you and that I love you, this chapter is a deeply emotional past and richness for our creator so I will make a special exit this time

❤ Dear Creator, I love you, we love you, I want you to find the good you are looking for throughout your life, Please remember me as your friend through eternity, though I want you to find more family, please don’t let me be your stranger, signed your son and fan, Much Love To Everyone. ❤

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