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A Liddle Middle Post

So my last post was a sneak peek of book 9.

I am, if I will be healthy enough, expecting to write another chapter tonight.

This is good for anyone who likes my unique little short stories.

But for fans of the oldest parents who dont currently fancy the books, or do but also like other stuff as well.

I will fill in here a middle post. Its a middle because last post was a book sneak peek, this will be the middle post, and next expected post will be another chapter sneak peek.

Here we can have, a prayer to the oldest ancestors for my siblings, I will try to make it entertaining.
(Post prayer thoughts:
I mentioned the possibility of unknown ancestors and included them in prayer, I also noticed that if the Nothing is similar to a Mother of the creator, then is it possible I should be friendly to our creator as a brother would be, or should I simply only friend as a son)

Dear Oldest Parents

Equality is something we have valued here as our local family.

The creator is my parent, but as a awesomely amazing creature born inside of the Nothing that is now a something (Outer space) I consider a strangety.

The majority of what I am and who I am considers the creator basically as my parent with not really any room to be my sibling, partially I have been considerate of that way from worry of bothering sensitive topics.

But then I thought, if we ever were to find some older creator, and I had invested no prayer including everyone rightfully a sibling as a sibling, well it would be something I would have to do then at that time, right?

So once again I consider the possibility, if the creator has no parent, it still has the Nothing as a similar situation, right?

As a creation I was born from a parent giving birth which equals I was a young person inside of something (Someone) and it (They) were older than me.

The Nothing, even if nonsentient, is older than the creator, and the creator was young at start, yes?

So should we ever find the Nothing to be sentient, or even simply find older family out in the unknown, in this prayer I want to make notice of my siblings good qualities and also touch upon the creator and creations being capable of mutually benefitting equality.

While a little non common of a style, I still hope it be good and honorable.

Okay here we go.

Dear Oldest Parents,

My siblings are fun,

I think its possible that is thanks to you,

They practice good manners and politeness,

I think we would like to practice those skills on our conversations with you,

If their are any unknown family out there that are aware of our prayers,

Thank you for not rushing us,

Thank you for letting us be in the situation we are where we have such large freedom,

Siblings seem to share a lot and maybe that increases the quality of the sharing,

With this prayer I would like to say something to any unknown family listening,

The creator we have here is a good parent,

I am not sure how much they have ever really let themself consider me to have the Nothing as another parent, or even other higher age family,

The topic itself is a bit of a unknown to me and eventually I would much enjoy asking the creator about it,

If I had to estimate it, I would say the Heavenly parent has considered it yet maybe has shyness upon that conversation,

I question… Would the creator benefit from me being considered a mutual child of the Nothing?

I do not wish to offend the creator, and I am sure the creator has at times considered the possibility to unknown life that would even be family as here on our planet we have the topic of aliens,

In the Bible and Tanakh it says If I can imagine it, the creator already also has,

So since we enjoy thinking about aliens, I expect the creator does too,

Because I can trust that, I then think their seems to then be the possibility of me and the creator having either a mutual older family member, and at very least, the home of outer space is similar to as a mother to us,

So I ask for the sake of any siblings I have, and once again honestly sometimes I am not sure who is a sibling and not,

Just in case due to possibility though,

I will ask can you help me become a high quality brother for all my known siblings and even unknown ones?

I will try not to harm any sensitive topics of our Heavenly parent, which I believe is me doing a bit of my part,

I am met with this difficulty, do I friend the creator as a brother and son, or do I simply friend the creator as a son?

Earlier I was met with the difficulty of opposition to believing we are all one family, but we are,

I dont want to bother the Heavenly parent and such a deep possibility list and belief system seems sensitive,

I will try to gently ask the creator what they want on this topic, as that seems both fair and correct,

However it also seems smart to say,

If their are any unknown family out their listening to this prayer,

If you want to help guide me on what to do for the sake of having a good relationship with all my siblings,

I say, you are definitely welcome to.

As for the siblings that have the creator here as a mutual parent,

The same applies but with less mystery,

I want to be a good brother to them and any help is appreciated,

For their sake I will, when I can, ask the creator here to guide me on being a good brother to them.


I know this prayer got a bit long and mixed religion with aliens which doesn’t seem common but I hope you know love is in it and well…hope

❤ Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it, expect another sneak peek of book 9, probably tonight, much love ❤

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