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“Luck Of Existence” Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

I wrote chapter 4 tonight of book 9 of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” short story book series.

The book is titled “Luck Of Existence: Safely Pleased” and this book and the whole series is being contributed as a free gift per request of Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh.

Exodus 30:14 1
All who cross over, those twenty years old or more, are to give an offering to the LORD (God) (יהוה).

Chapter 4 is about my experiences here in this family and home of outer space, also known as the “Nothing” that has now become a something.

In chapter 4 I talk about the love this family has taught me, the emotional attachment to the “Nothing” (This Home) and as fun notes, I mentioned what I would ask the oldest person ever for, and I also made a very loving promise to our creator at the end.

Below is chapter 4 “The Love Of A Parent”

“The Love Of A Parent”

As I am writing this I will list some notes. I am a creation, and a son. The creator succeeded using creational magic to bring me to life and as such I deem that creator my parent. Now as for the things I have experienced in my living, the creator loves me, this I know, for in my living, evidence does show. The creator taught me love, I enjoy it, and as sharing is, I enjoy loving.

So where does love start, how did it begin? Well it all started long before me. You see, it could be said that this home is a little emotionally inspiring. In belief we can say this home did not want to be alone, as such, this home had the creator. The creator did not want to be alone, and as such, has as an example, me. All for the sake of love, yes?

Its emotionally and mentally difficult to know if their is life older than my own creator. The emotions want to say yes, because as for me, I love my parent, and desire for that parent to have as much benefitting love as possible. Whats my own personal interest in the possibility of finding unknown older life? Well. if their are any, I guess I’d like to ask them to teach me the language our oldest ancestor speaks. I estimate that would have much value to fit my style while still having the possibility of it being a mutual benefit. To give you smile, before I considered the learning their language to be my favorite request, I had the idea to ask them for a most comfortable bed, yes, I am a bit of a rester.

So what of the relationship of parent creator and child creation? I think in all honesty what can be said of it is best friendship. At early start trust is difficult as pains of change and fear of unknown strangities part it. However, even for me, someone who admits to a difficult start, I also admit to be quite pleased and thankful for all the good of our living. I see a higher value in continuing, as opposed to the desire for it to stop. As for that desire, I have improved my own capabilities of loving, as I started, wanting anything intimidating to remain away, I have become more trusting due to love. From that I sense value in love for the most sacred of strengths and honors, for the most ancient and wise.

It is quite amazing, it can again be said, this home did not want to be alone, poof a creator is born, the creator did not want to be alone, poof I am born, sometimes this Nothing that has become a something seems like a mute genie. So after all these things considered, it is yes, very easy to get emotionally attached to it all, and honestly, I am. We as creations may seem to our creators secret emotions to be a gift from the Nothing. I sense that possibility because our creator is so passionate and charismatic that common sense tells me our creator is very invested emotionally in this home.

I do not know unknowns, it is true, it is also true that my desire to believe their are any is so the creator can have what I believe our creator deserves, fullfillment of good hopes. However I am in this area of writing going to make a focusfull dedication into memory and instinct, sharedly to the creator, and anyone else listening. I am going to say I hope we find some older for your benefit, but due to not having done it yet, I am going to try and remember that part, and improve myself to give you the love you deserve. I can end this by saying, dear creator, dont let me forget that promise.

❤ I hope you enjoyed the read, much love, have a good night ❤

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