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Happy Easter, A Gift, Book 9 Sneak Peek Chapter 5

Happy and loving Easter to you.

I made a post on facebook tonight that I will reshare here.

It was that I am considering the most frustrating thing I have ever been at struggle with, is, when I say thank you, finding a gift worthy enough for the thank you is difficult, and due to that, I have been searching for many years for the perfect gift to give to those I love.

I am still searching and will be until I find it, gift it, and then my consideration is I will rest on a cozy bed napping after nap many times to strengthen my body and mind to continue a life where strength of patience is needed. I get frustrated too easily or possibly some other answer I cannot put yet into words.

I know its a small gift but I will say, Happy Easter, I Love You Family, and I present to you chapter 5 of book 9 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings series contributed for free as per Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh.

Exodus 30:14
All who cross over, those twenty years old or more, are to give an offering to the LORD (God) (Yodh He Waw He) (יהוה‎).

“It Was Good”

Genesis 1:4
“And God (Yodh He Waw He) saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”

In book 1 of the series we follow the story of the origins of the fire our family cultivates. We studied that fire is a part of outerspace, the materials it contains, and the proccess the Nothing has undergone over years. If one were to travel outerspace, far and fast, they would definitely find quite the happening. Fire is extracted from solid matter mixing with disolvants similar to an acidic form and that pulls long calmed heat from the matter until it becomes hot again. igniting into one of its forms, fire.

Lets backtrack a bit so you know what im talking about in a fresh way. There is the Nothing everything began from, in our area of space we live in inside of there was once a solid matter fashionably looking similar to simply a solid objectual shape, maybe it will be easy for you to imagine it as a solid box. It started as a liquid that poured out of rips in the Nothing, mixing together, heating up due to friction, and hardening, until it was a solid matter.

Now after many years of the solid matter frictioning, the center changed, it became containing a dissolvant. It had the mattter and the dissolvant in a way where the two elements mixed together, one the matter, the other the dissolvant. This caused the object to begin dissolving at that center, similar to the way acid functions, until it left behind, after many years, a hollow inside, containing resources, and still off in the distance, dissolving solid matter. Our creator began life here and through traveling the place found remnants of the proccess and used them to make dirt, fire, water, and some other useful resources.

In early history our creator began life in this outer space as quite the living adventure. There was hollow area but off in the distance was glow, if your curious what that is like, think of the sun in the sky. Again we look at the verse detailing the beginning.

Genesis 1:4
“And God (Yodh He Waw He) saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”

That verse is the story of fire. which light being, is a glow filled with less harmful effects as the acidic dissolvant, and hot temperature of fire, are not active. Think of the difference of fire and light being shades on a color chart, light is thinner than fire, because the parts of it that involve heat and friction have been long calmed. You can consider light to be a gentle and slow part of the Nothing and fire to be as if the Nothing were changing fast and being active.

The Nothing became a something, but it did that by starting as one location that frictioned and due to that grew, as stretched out. Since we are still then, inside that same involvement, we can suggest that if life here is pleasant, every obtainment in the Nothing can have a pleasant use, but since we can be smart or ignorant, we also know, each thing will have a proper use, and luckily for us, the wrong uses are rather gently forgiving.

Now lets add definition to the verse.

Genesis 1:4 (Study and Theory)
“God (Yodh He Waw He) saw the distant dissolving process, estimated it to be of benefit: and God extracted light from fire, brought it away from the dissolving walls, and found that it still kept its glow “removing dark vision and giving sight”.”

These are the theories of our creators early life, and the place we live in, if we trust the old saying “Everything began from Nothing”.

❤ I hope you enjoyed the chapter, happy easter again, as an easter egg if you zoomin on some of the art I make you will find hidden images, as an example, this book 9’s cover has an image of a cartoon characters upper body, I will post it below, much love ❤

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