Fun, Holidays, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

“The Easter Song Of Family”

Family takes a hop

A Hop takes a hope

Two romantic lovers, excitedly elope

What can be said


What can be done

To join in, on this holiday of Easter fun?

Maybe you believe in magic

Or possibly the Rabbit

But did you know, it takes magic, to create a rabbit

So what can be said


What can be done

To have a family, and call one of them the rabbit?

The first ingredient is the start

The second ingredient is the heart

Bring them all together, and hope then to not be apart

Because the hug we define

With our thoughts in our mind

As the touch of what is real

To be happy and feel

So with Easter we get joy

For every girl and boy


On this day…

We Celebrate Love

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