Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Book 9 Chapter 6 Sneak Peek

Chapter 6 is the last written chapter of short story book 9 “Luck Of Existence”.

This book and the others are part of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” short story series I am contributing as per Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh.

Exodus 30:14
All who cross over, those twenty years old or more, are to give an offering to the LORD (God) (יהוה).

The book series is scientific theory and family history theory of magic, life, and the Nothing everything began from.

Since this is the last chapter of book 9, I can add the Updates and Links page as well as the necesarry art and then I can publish this free short story ebook.

Below I give to you the last written chapter of book 9. Expect the full ebook to be available either tonight or soon.

“Solid Matter Saved Theory”

If we can believe in this solid matter theory, it leads us to learn a little more about our Creators way of thinking. All that dissolving, will it ever stop? Will there be anything left? Well we often in early situations of mystery dont have all the answers. Instead we learn as we study and gain experience. What we can say then, is, why not save what we can incase we have any need of it?

So again, were saying this with belief in the theory in this book as well as book 1 “Existence Hollowed”. Our Creator saw the dissolving and also found scraps left behind of the proccess. We know our Creator have saved up in hoard dirt, water, fire, electricity, trees, stones, gems, metals, gasses, and even family. Based on the theory our Creator is not only a adventurer, but a “Master Recycler” making dirt and water of the solid matter, and extracting light from fire, and even making fire nearby safe.

We are living ontop of a recyclers hoard, no offense meant, it is quite the compliment. It took years of study, work, and effort to amass the riches our Creator owns. But what of it should we consider highly amongst else? Our Creator has enough feelings and desires of love that our Creator was willing to Create us and share it with us. A lifetime of hard work and saving. Our Creator a goodly trusting enough Parent to allow us to be a part of it and have a share. How much love do we know? Well, you should feel it by now.

The basis for starting the hoard of resource savings was built upon curiosity, fun, adventure, survival, but also something else. The possibility that the dissolving solid matter is all of it that is available. What if there is a limited amount of solid resource, and everything even very distant is quite empty? It is due to this that our Creator has chosen to collect resources in ways meant to preserve there power and capability as a what if.

What if that dissolving wall fully dissolves and all the solid matter that was gained is the end of the collection of it, an acidic fire having eated away at everything not saved? What if we are left with what was salvaged and then an infinitely empty outer space? Sounds worrysome yes? Our Creator due to these possibilities has become the Master Recycler we are talking of and we should be proud of the Creator for having done so, as it was and is definitely not easy.

With this book 9 and book 1, we have learned about our Creators resources origins, we also learned about our place in outer space (The Nothing now a something). In other books of the series we learn about Creational Magic, The Nothings early History, Perspective Of Creator and Creation, Morales, Values, Desires, Taboos, and the Creators Laws. I hope by now you Creator know I appreciate and love you. To any other family member participating in this book series gift, I also appreciate and love you. It is my desire for you to have enjoyed the book series thus far and we are nearing its end. I hope by now I have given you a lot to consider and think about. Short story book 10 will complete the offering and enclose the intended attitude of the series. I am leaving you this note as the majority of the facts have been done and with the last book I will give you a final friendly sharing of my thoughts and comprehensions. One family that started as one has become all are one family, and all one family that lives always.

❤ I hope you enjoyed the read, Much Love ❤

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