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Book 9 “Luck Of Existence” Uploaded

As I mentioned earlier tonight I finished the written chapters of book 9.

I also as of now finished the other parts of it.

It is in the process of upload on Smashwords and Google Play.

I would say within the next 24-72 hours you will be able to go to those sites and download it for free reading. Maybe even less time.

The Bohemian Grove Offerings series this far has been a good chore for me, I did it with love and passion.

While I got the idea to do it as a gift for the requested offering of Exodus 30:14 I probably would not have had the courage to give people these ideas and theories I have in such a fast and explained way if it were not that our Creator made that offering request in the Bible and Tanakh.

Maybe you will like the books, maybe you wont, I dont know, but I do know I was thinking of how much I loved this family when writing them as well as my hoping that I could be useful as writing them.

Book 9 is a continuation of Book 1 Existence Hollowed. The two books are about outer space, the materials found in it, how they came to be, and where our Creator and us Creations fit in.

It may take a few hours for the book to be listed on Google Play and Smashwords but I will put the links to where you can get them below. If “Luck Of Existence” isnt at the link yet, check back in a few hours.

Get “Luck Of Existence: Safely Pleased” On Google Play

Get “Luck of Existence: Safely Pleased” On Smash Words

I uploaded the info of book 9 to Good Reads so that little widget on the right side of our site that shows the list of books in the Bohemian Grove Offerings series should update to show it soon, you can click on the widget to find the released books 1-9, plus I think it has the compilation I made having books 1-5 in it.

❤ Thanks For Your Participation, Much Love, Oldest Parents Please Bless Us ❤

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