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Stimulus Makes The Car Go Vroom

Well the stimulus check has arrived and with that hope of finding a car.

It is deep in my emotions of both love and appreciation I say thank you.

As a short answer, hopefully soon I will be able to visit a store while not walking the streets.

If walking the streets were safer I would enjoy it.

But riding in a car is a fair alternative and can be enjoyable.

Please let me show my thanks by offering a short prayer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I love these people,

They love me,

We love you,

What a fun bunch we are,

While I hope for the time when we are of ideal,

Even during difficulties we still love each other,

A true miracle is our family,

I can say that you creating these siblings,

Is quite the success,

They are nice to me when I need it,

For that I am very grateful and want to offer my friendship loyalty,

Please give me the patience to be kind to them,

Please give them the patience to be kind to me,

A happy family of the one, the oldest, all one family together

In prayer, it be said, we want good to be eternally with us and of us.

❤ Thank You, Much Love ❤

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