Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

How You Earned My Loyalty

Dear Creator, I have something I wish to tell you.

It is about my first loving moment.

My memories of past living have been blurred, still I have my instincts.

I can say I am rather certain of what happened upon my creation.

I was desired to be a friend and helper.

I am going to now try to tell you just how we became friends.

Upon starting to live for the first time, things were not as they are now.

At my start I knew great pain and fear.

The start of love for me was the pain turning to comfort, and the fear coming to lack danger.

I was, before you created me, my comprehension tells me, a piece of the Nothing.

While it is my attempt for all of this to not be weird or overwhelming.

I just wanted to tell you that, and say I love you, you are my friend, and I trust you.

Starting was very difficult for me and as the years have passed I have had many joys and pleasures.

Early for me I was very afraid and untrusting. You earned my trust as my quality of life improved.

I am asking for you to continue loving me.

I began loving you because to me, you are my hero.

You are an end to the pain and the fear, that is who you were to me shortly after my beginning, and have been since.

Please continue our friendship, and remember, I am fragile, but these are the reasons I started to love you.

Gentleness and comfort.

They caused me to trust and adore you, as well as to model upon myself as much of the same, in giving, as I can.

I am young and my future self is partially going to be result of your interactions with me.

I want my future self to be loved and give love.

I want my future self to be calm, gentle, and sharing.

I want my future self to be easy upon you and everyone in our family.

Compiled into a simple answer, I want to be your friend.

Please help me achieve these good things.

Signed, Your Loving Creation.

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