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A Repentance Made In Honor Of You Siblings

The bible and tanakh talk much about being good to thy neighbor, even thy sibling(s).

I have an idea but first lets talk about the why and then the how.

In the bible and tanakh it mentions repentance.

It guarantees that if we repent, God (Yodh He Waw He) will accept our apology.

But here at WLTOP we do things based on a 2 Oldest Parents and a buncha descendants family style.

So an idea got to me.

A Parent is happy when someone is good to their child.

If someone wrongs the parents child, the parent seeks for the child to obtain an apology.

We know parents love their children, and want the best for them.

So I with this fun idea, would like to repent of my sins, and I think for some of you it will put a smile on your face.

I am going to repent for any wrongs I have done to my siblings in prayer style, centering the prayer that my siblings, yes you, are the children of God (Yodh He Waw He) and his wife, the other oldest parent.

Ive been emotionally giving God my all most of my life and its not that im completely tired of it, its just that I love you siblings also very highly so I gotta afford you more time in my efforts.

Okay here goes, Im going to start the prayer, notice how it includes you in a very special way.

Dear Oldest Parents,

King and Queen of Heaven and Earth,

I have much throughout my life tried to please you,

It at times has gotten to my flaws happening upon your children,

You said repent and the apology will be accepted,

Well tonight I have a very special repentance,

You love these descendants, I want to in this prayer give some proof that I love them too,

Often if someone does bad they will possibly hide it as much as possible while giving only as much noticeability to it as needed,

Well I wanna be above that in this prayer,

I dont want to hide what I have done wrong to my siblings, your descendants,

I have at times been mean, rude, impatient, and I do regret this most, violent,

These siblings have usually accepted my apologies for these happenings,

But you God and Queen of All are their parents,

I have asked my siblings to accept my apologies but now I am asking you their parents,

Dearly loved God and Goddess, will you please accept my apologies for the flaws I had upon your descendants?

I recently have been trying to improve and avoid repeating the errors,

I currently am not dating as I believe it may be best as with my past romantic relationships I failed,

It gets a bit lonely but this way I lack the ability to fail,

I have been offering many prayers, gifts, and supports,

I have been trying to Honor my Father and Mother,

I have made apology for what is due and I obtained a copy of the 10 Commandments that I put on my bedroom wall,

Now, this is what Im thinking can be good,

I will try to continue to improve and I will continue to put effort in,

I have previously made a few requests for my siblings to accept my apologies,

I think they do and or will,

But I ask you as their parents,

I come to you humbly and with honor,

Please accept this apology for the times I have wronged my brothers and sisters,

I am going to try to be more worthy upon them as I love them very much and wish to have a good relationship with them,

I feel asking them to accept my apology is necessary for us to continue as friends,

But with asking you I feel I am completing something that if left undone would not have been a complete success.

Your children are good Oldest Parents,

I do love them and thank you for letting me be friends with them,

I will keep them in the prayers so please keep an ear open for that,

I thank you very much and please have a good night.

So that was the fancy idea prayer my siblings, what do you think of it?

I hope it was kinda fun to hear it.

To know I love you even enough to admit when Im wrong in our relationships as siblings, admitting it to God and Goddess, I hope it makes you feel loved

As I mentioned Im going to continue to try to improve myself and be the best friend I can be for you whenever we are together and or apart, having met yet or not, I will try to be of good quality.

❤ Much Love ❤

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