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A Sister In Need Due To A Kneed Surgery

I have had a longtime Facebook friend named Lynnette that is always offering kind words and support.

She needed a very large knee surgery and can now basically only walk with help.

She is having very constant pains and the hope of a future pain free seems far away.

She was a worker but currently due to the knee healing cannot work.

She is still employed by the job as she plans to eventually after much time, return to work.

Due to a loophole in the welfare systems situation she cannot collect unemployment.

She cannot work and has no ability to receive the welfare due to the loophole.

As I am writing this, on Facebook her fundraiser to help her pay rent and bills has raised $615 by siblings like me and you.

While it is to be expected you have not met her, I can say she is a very nice person and gives much love to her friends. You could be one of those friends.

We here at WLTOP get together to support each other and appreciate our ancestors.

Lynnette could use some sibling good deed doing.

We are all one family.

Even though you have never met, can you share some love to a sibling, knowing they are family?

We pray sister Lynnette not end up homeless.

Screenshots below

Click Here To Go To The Facebook Fundraiser And Help A Sibling

❤ Much Love, Link Below ❤

Click Here To Go To The Facebook Fundraiser And Help A Sibling

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