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Religion Is As Old As The Oldest Parent

The pursuit of mystery in religion is not directly always going to be a person.

Sometimes religion is about unanswered questions.

The purposes of the religions we find, is two things.

To pursue answer to mystery, and to glorify the Oldest.

Religions have a common base stem.

The Oldest living family member, and the earliest stories of the home we live in.

What home?

Well, commonly in religion, we have the start of, “Everything began from Nothing” then there was a person that began living due to the Nothing becoming a something, they studied themself, invented creational magic, and became our Creator.

Christianity at times has gotten to the point where they claim “God” has no age and or beginning to life.

This religious trend defies the roots of its own religious stems which were that there was Nothing and then God. That God began life alone and created us.

This type of thinking is an out of the box religion.

It is based upon considering that their is older life than the Creator we know and have, and that the higher age parent never had a beginning and always has lived, with no restiction of time or looping.

Me, I prefer belief in the Nothing everything began from.

It is more emotionally compatible with me as I can then even sympathize with the creator.

Where as if our first creator never had a beginning, I would then be quite a strange thing.

Now if I put emotions aside and use my intelligence to make a estimation…

I say there was Nothing, it became a something, our creator began to live and created us.

That to me, sounds possible. Having no beginning to life does not sound possible to me, it to me is fantasy.

An old verse in the bible that has been covered up over the years said “Beware Of Soul Traders”.

That verse has given me caution against believing anyone would be alive having no beginning to that life.

What do my religious beliefs contain?

Well I worship and study the Nothing everything began from.

I worship and befriend our Oldest Parents, that is the creator and first creation.

While the idea of a best friend creator who never had a beginning to life is emotionally satisfying as well as tempting to believe, it lacks evidence in this place.

So with what I am and do I choose to believe that everything did begin from Nothing.

The Jewish religion which is the starting stock of the Christian religion does not claim God has no beginning, instead the Jewish religion is quite the opposite.

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

That verse explains God did in fact have a beginning, even before this land and sky.

It states “Early In God’s Life”.

So we know the Jewish religion being older than the Christian religion…

Trusting God does have an age, everything began from Nothing, our Creator began to Live, studied their own self, invented creational magic, and created us, is the original belief of the 2 religions.

When you hear in churches or from the faithful that God has no age and has no beginning…

Just remember the very first writing in the religions is that Early in Gods life he created this land and sky.

As a fun extra here is a map of biblical paradise, it is an “Aramean” map, as in the old days this is what the map looked like, pertaining to the Christian and Jewish religions we have nowadays.

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