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The 10 Commandments Should Be Common Wealth (End Gun Violence)

Tonight I am making this post so that we can support our Presidents desire to end gun violence, and also it could be said, at least all real violence. Removing fake violence from entertainment could be additionally done with support.

Please take a moment to read this statement from our U.S. President, he has emotionally compassionate words to say.

Quote From President Of The U.S. Joe Biden
“Vice President Harris and I have been briefed by our homeland security team on the mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, where a lone gunman murdered eight people and wounded several more in the dark of night. Today’s briefing is just the latest in a string of tragedies, following closely after gunmen firing bullets in broad day light at spas in and around Atlanta, Georgia, a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, a home in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and so many other shootings. While we await critical details about the shooting, its motivation, and other key information, once again, I have the solemn duty of ordering the flag lowered at half-staff at the White House, public buildings and grounds, and military posts and embassies, just two weeks after I gave the last such order. It’s a mass shooting just a week after we met, in the Rose Garden, with families who lost children and dear friends as bullets pierced their bodies and souls in schools, a night club, in a car at a gas station, and a town meeting at a grocery store. And it came just the night before 14th anniversary of the shooting at Virginia Tech, in which a gunman murdered 32 people. Last night and into the morning in Indianapolis, yet again families had to wait to hear word about the fate of their loved ones. What a cruel wait and fate that has become too normal and happens every day somewhere in our nation. Gun violence is an epidemic in America. But we should not accept it. We must act. Last week, I called on the Justice Department to better protect Americans from gun violence. I also urged Congress to hear the call of the American people – including the vast majority of gun owners – to enact commonsense gun violence prevention legislation, like universal background checks and a ban of weapons of war and high-capacity magazines. Too many Americans are dying every single day from gun violence. It stains our character and pierces the very soul of our nation. We can, and must, do more to act and to save lives. God bless the eight fellow Americans we lost in Indianapolis and their loved ones, and we pray for the wounded for their recovery.”

As you have read our President is emotional towards these happenings, rightly so, and is asking for everyone that can to make effort to end violence’s.

What I see as a hill in this effort, two actually, is violence in entertainment, and animal non-rights.

Violence when introduced as entertainment promotes it and lessens the taboo of it.

Slaughter of animals also contributes to lessening the taboo of violence and in doing so promotes it.

So what can we do to fix the problems we are in?

Well I think one of the most powerful assests we have towards non-violence is love, and especially a mutual love for our Creator.

What can we do with that?

Well our Creator gave word to us that we are commanded not to Kill (Also known as murder).

The Creator known as God (Yahweh) (Yodh He Waw He) (יהוה‎) gave to us creations the 10 Commandments. ( Some places suggest their are 11 Commandments, please research further)

In which is the command to not kill.

Getting creations to focus on the 10 commandments and with it the Creators demand that we not murder, is a powerful asset to the end of violence.

Below is a peek at the 10 Commandments using יהוה‎ english nickname (God), which can be explained to mean “He Is Good”.

So if you have the question that you are trying to solve, “How do we end gun violence?”…

We have a need for the 10 Commandments to be a focus for each and every creation.

What we know about government and citizens is that in every land, in every place with government, there is made the effort to structure the citizens by law.

However it is as our history has proven, not as easy to achieve as is simply said.

For us creations we believe in at least self equality with other creations.

Therefore it is not easy to get one creation to bend to the will of the other creation.

It is due to us feeling that our Creator is our master, and the other creations our siblings.

This feeling is true, and powerful.

That is why the 10 Commandments are such a powerful peace asset.

In them the Creator gives very strict law upon the 10 areas of topic.

One creation trying to get another creation to obey, well, it is an endless struggle that way, with destruction and as the bible predicted “Enmity”.

The family all over our planet has tried many things to solve certain gaps in this, there are fees, restrictions, and disapprovals.

Still our problems continue though.

If we could manage to get the 10 Commandments as a common practice and as common place, the majority of our problems would be solved.

Governments sometimes have suggested that they dont want to bother peoples religious beliefs.

But we are religious creations, there is no changing that.

What could be done, if it be allowable, is to have the Commandments in a daily noticement to citizens.

Publicly placed for daily and nightly view with the goal that each citizen consider them at least one time in between sleeping.

As we sleep and awake we have losses of focus and memory.

It is important to notice the 10 commandments at least once in between each sleep, otherwise the values given by them are degraded slowly, due to that loss of focus and memory.

It is when someone loses memory and focus that the Creator demands peace, that people begin to do non-peace.

It is easily estimated and common sense that someone who does commit a gun violence has forgotten that the Creator demands they do not do it.

Someone who commits a gun violence is not focused that the Creator completely forbids it.

I support President Joe Biden’s cause to end gun violence, I hope you do too. (Much Love to him and the victims loved ones)

My belief on the topic…

We need the Commandments posted in public places, and we need it done accurately.

No nicknames, no error in words, no missing commandments.

I am not the boss, but that is how I am voting, and that is the suggestions.

❤ Thank You For Reading, Have A Good And Safe Night, Much Love ❤

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