Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Dear Oldest Parents A Plea For Peace

In our lives we have relationships.

We have a creator and first creation as our oldest parents.

Competition amongst siblings is tempting as entertainment.

But in the country I live in, the USA, we have a structured system built on us siblings having equality and common rights and freedoms.

I am having a difficult time in my life and I would like to make a prayer for myself and for any other sibling(s) met with difficulty.

Dear Oldest Parents,

We have interactions amongst each other, in our family meetings of brothers and sisters,

It is not always easy to know what tomorrow will be, happy or sad,

We ask you protect us, and guide us,

To fullfill honesty, love, and honor, as well as good,

We make efforts to be friends with others,

We do good deeds to have love and avoid hate,

We over years of work and effort put investments into credit and creditability with you,

Since these times have become hard amongst us,

Will you please give our needs some attention?

If you could help us end some of our quarrels and disputes it would be beneficial to our future,

I know I am a good son, father, and brother,

I know my siblings are good,

But when it seems the opposite, that is the time we need you oldest parents to intervene,

Because if we siblings think bad of each other, yet we are not bad…

Your judgement, approval, and leadership is needed,

Please consider all this as it feels important.

Signed, Any Creation In Need Of The Oldest Parents Help, Amen

❤ Thank You For Listening, Have A Good And Safe Day ❤

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