Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents, Website Updates (Minor)

Desktop Wallpapers (Update)

Its random acts of kindness monday.

Starting a new system.

I am going to be adding desktop wallpapers to the prayer backgrounds pages.

Currently they have been cell phone wallpapers.

With this new change each prayer page will have a “Cell Phone Wallpapers” section and a seperate “Desktop Wallpapers” section.

For the first addition to this new system I added a desktop background wallpaper in the “Taoism Prayers” section of the menu.

Would you like to see this new desktop background?

Maybe I can tempt you into enjoying it with its beautifully emotional depth 🙂

Here below is a peek at it, you can also now find it in the “Taoism Prayers” section of the menu.

Go to that menu also to get a peek at the new system we will be using as I get things cleaned up.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Hope You Enjoy The Background, Much Love ❤

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