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(Update) And A Prayer Request

The Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Sikhism, and Judaism prayer background pages all now have each 1 PC Desktop Background on them as well as the new Desktop Background separator system applied.

The Taoism Prayer page had it done earlier today.

I very much hope you enjoy it.

I have a prayer request.

I have been on disability for a few years due to physical and mental disability, Im not sure if that is a surprise to you or not as I have mentioned it a few times before.

Most of this site was done on my cell phone from my bed.

Recently we got the stimulus and I purchased a PC computer.

Ive been doing a bit on the PC now that I have it.

I am not exactly healthy but I am considering trying to work part time.

Disability is helpful on the situation, the way it works is they help me with a supplement of my part time paycheck until I earn a certain amount, so I can get into a proper situation.

I am a little nervous to try it because I have poor physical health and my mental health is at risk of a failure.

I have quite a few concerns about my health but since Im asking you for a favor I will spare you the list šŸ™‚

Will you keep me in your prayers and if you can will you pray I have success at working if my health allows it and if not collecting disability?

I haven’t even begun job searching yet, but my current perspective is if I do work I will have to do a at home part time job.

The fact that I am schizophrenic and have been collecting disability for it for years makes my resume quite different.

Im a bit thinking it wont look as attractive.

So prayers that a good fitting employer for me will give me a chance if my health is up to it is appreciated.

I think I will browse available at home jobs tonight and consider this very carefully.

Half of me thinks I could do a little part time, half of me thinks its a poor idea due to mental health.

To the prayer asking for the creator to give me guidance on whether I can do this or not would be helpful.

I will keep all of you in my prayers, and I wish you all a very good night.

ā¤ Thank You For Reading, Much Love ā¤

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