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A Note About Book 10

The coming book 10 of the exodus 30:14 Bohemian Grove Offerings short story book series will be a continuation of the ten desired flaws book which talked about emotions, desires, and the commandments.

If it goes as intended, it will be the last short story in the series, then I will edit all of them and compile them into 1 book for paper copies so I can have one or more with me to offer as gifts as per exodus 30:14….however I can do that…anyways I continue

With this last book I really want to do something special.

Writing about love for our creator and parents is the possible topic.

I am not fully certain yet but that is the mood I am inspired by.

The gift is mainly for the creator as per his request in exodus 30:14 so I feel like it would be a good closer to the series.

I have a little bit of art I’ve already done for the book but I haven’t even finished a cover, after that will be the writing.

I have had a rough night tonight, its best for me not to make the gift while I am in a stressed emotion and or mind.

I will try to do the book soon so please feel free to expect your first sneak peek of it in the near future.

I do want to get it done soon partially because the compilation will take much more time than this short story itself.

The idea being I would like to get the paper version because I desire to make an offering of it to the creator as well as the Bohemian Grove club and anyone else who wants it, I really do not know much of its future.

I hope you have a good Tuesday, and I can say, to you reading this, We Love The Oldest Parents together, thanks for our team

❤ Much Love ❤

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